Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Engaged!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)
Assalamualaikum n Hi everyone ;)

Alhamdulillah its been 2 days since I am engaged to him, Mohamad Khairul Azwan bin Shahbudin who is a guy I never knew I will fall in love when I first met him on 6th March 2009 :) a man who I never knew his phone number will be sticked in my mind as my future husband's phone number when I first got his miss call on 8th March 2009 ;) a man who I never expected to be his fiancee when he first confessed his love to me on 12th March 2009 :D Alhamdulillah, he is a real man who I always dream of..brave of facing, telling the truth to n takes really good care of me :) I really glad, we came to this stage in this relationship that I thought can only last about 3 months when I first accepted him on 3rd May 2009 ;)

Me Heart Him :) 

I would like to share my experience on my Historical E-Day on 7th July 2012 :)
I woke up at 5am in the morning to fetch Fifie who came all the way from Kelantan just to attend my E-Day :) oh Allah, I am so glad that You send me this big-hearted friend in my life :D I can never ever knew how to repay this moment ;) after fetching her at the bus station, we talked n sleep for a little while until Subuh..

in the morning, everything was nice and according to plan..as Mr.K's family is coming at 3pm, we have lots of time to prepare for the day :) before 12pm, people start coming to my house as we are having 2 occasions in a day which is Aariz Afeef's Akikah n my E-Day :D Ayah decided to do Tahlil and a little bit of doa selamat first :) 

 purple family with budak yg diakikahkan :P hahaha

after Tahlil and Doa Selamat, me, my first sister n my abg ipar, rushed to Sg Dua, Seberang to make-up :P its far, YES! but its because the butik pengantin there, Astana Impian is owned by Kak Has, my saudara who has likely same face as my family (mata sepet)..so, memang percaya dia je make-up sbb xnak jadi opera cina :P after make-up for about more than 1 hour, we rushed back to Penang :) 

selepas muka diconteng :P

sampai-sampai je rumah, Mr.K BBM telling his family is ready to depart ;) so, while waiting, me, Anis, Fifie, Fizah n other friends from MRSM Pendang dok camwhore dalam bilik because my sister x bagi keluar bilik dah..I dunno which adat that is, just follow!

umi with her Princesses :D

when Mr.K's family arrived, pintu bilik kena tutup, so, we can't hear a thing! ada jugak try curi-curi dengar but x dengar pun even ibu dah bagi guna mic =,= tetiba tengah dok curi-curi dengar n tangkap-tangkap gambar dalam bilik, dengar org ketuk..lari berterabur habis..my friends terus semua beratur tepi almari while me go sit at the bedside n pretend to be so ayu! hahaha

anak dara curi-curi dengar :P

sarung cincin :)

then salam-salam dengan mama dia, sarung cincin n salam again..masa salam lepas sarung cincin tu, along (his sister) said 'mama janganlah nangis pulak'..I was like, alamak, mama dia nangis ke?mcm mana ni?lepas tu, dengar my sis lak ckp kat ibu,'ibu sedih la tu..haha' kind of teasing talk..then, I was like alamak nape semua nak cry ni? nak cry jugak laa tapi dok ingat make-up RM100 terus x jadi :P hahaha..but sincerely speaking, mmg agak sebak laa masa mama dia sarung cincin tu :') dunno why, its just an indescribable feeling :)

Ibu, me n Mama

Adik will always sayang ibu :) dunia akhirat

adik bongsu dah jadi tunangan orang :D diminta kakak-kakak tidak bersedih :P

then, mama dia panggil suruh tangkap gambar ramai-ramai..masa dia datang tu, tetiba dia hulur a rose to me depan all kaum kerabat kitorang..like seriously sayang? hahaha..agak malu di situ but family dia rileks je sporting siap :D hehehe

my family-to-be :) insya-Allah :D

with the flower he gave to me :D

after dah sarung-sarung cincin tu, salam-salam n tangkap gambar with his family, my family :) lepas tu baru boleh keluar g jumpa kawan-kawan semua :) thanks sgt2 korang sbb susah-susah datang for my E-Day :) x sangka jugak ramai yg nak datang..really glad to have them by my side walaupun dah bertahun x jumpa :D

ni geng-geng from MRSM Pendang :) ramai kannn

ni pulak geng-geng from Sungai Petani :D

Housemates, sweetheart n besties ever!

geng-geng UTP yang AWESOME!

lepas Mr.K makan apa semua, tetiba ibu panggil dia masuk rumah..ibu baru teringat nak suruh ayah sarung cincin kat dia :P hahaha..so, dia lak sarung-sarung cincin..nasib baik laa xde terlekat cili ke apa masa makan tu, kalau x, segan laa kat bapak mentua tu ;) hehehe

after that, kitorang tangkap-tangkap gambar with hantaran :) my side punya hantaran is prepared by Ibu, Kak Ani n me ;) but sirih junjung is prepared by Cik Hawa, my neighbour who is really talented in this kind of work..tapi now, she's not well, so, xley buat full time..poor her..yang coklat with pink roses on top tu pun by her jugak..then, the sarang telur puyuh made by cakar ayam is given by Tok Guru Ngaji ibu :) kreatif kan sampai ayah tanya, 'awat hang bagi telur puyuh kat org ni?'..hahaha..ayah ingat cakar ayam tu rotan..punya realnya dia wat ;)

ni laa sirih junjung tu..cantik kan? ;D

this is my hantaran to him..9 membalas 7 he gave :D

hantaran from him..only part of it..yang lain xsempat tangkap gambar

kantoi tersenyum gatal di situ..haha

acting bagi-bagi bunga :) 
P/S: kat belakang tu awek afzal :P hahaha

after that, Mr.K n family dah nak gerak balik dah :) at 6pm, my E-Day ended :) then, time tu makan all the hantaran! hahaha..sedap ooo :P

that's all from me :) Alhamdulillah one stage is done! now, another one..tataw how it will come ;) so, folks, now I am engaged! till then :)

I'm Enganged

my fiance, Mohamad Khairul Azwan bin Shahbudin :)

cincin kami :)

Assalamualaikum :)


  1. Congrats Mas. Saw this post on Facebook. :p

  2. tak sedih pun.. hahaha

    btw, i didn't call mak 'ibu' ok.. hahaha