Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dugaan dari Allah ;)

Assalamualaikum n Hi everyone

Today was not a very good day for me..but i pray n try to make it a better day,insya-Allah,ameen~

This morning i was supposed to have a meeting with manager,my department engineers,engineer operator (EO) and a vendor..we should be discussing bout my project..about what else we should add to the project and so on..

At 9.30am,i go down to thw guard house to fetch the vendor..i waited till 10.00 but he still dun show up..i called my manager n told him bout it..he asked for the vendor's phone number which i already try so many times before but can't get last he came down n ask me to go to the meeting room n present everything to those people in that room -,- i went unpreparedly,angrily n upsetly..huhu

During the meeting,one of the engineer in my dept emailed the vendor's boss telling him bout the situation..only then,my phone rang,the vendor call me..i answered the phone n directly asked him why he didn't show up?he told that that appointment is not in his calendar while i already reminded him last week..

So,i need to arrange meeting with the vendor tomorrow..

That's the first thing..the second thing will be that i didn't drive to work today as today is the opening,the 1st 3 row in the parking lot is saved for the VIPs..then,alang2 i asked my ayah to go servis my car,check the audio wiring in the car n change my plate number..

Then, ayah call ckp radio yg rosak,not wiring not speaker based on org kedai tu ckp..then,i said ok la then change laa the radio..dah tukar radio,org tu ckp speaker pulak rosak..then,i told ayh i dun have money,nnt je laa..ayh said ok n then,ayh drive back..on the way,the radio senyap so ayh patah balik kedai tu..tetiba dia ckp the wiring rosak,short sampai ke the new radio..mcm nak marah,end up,tukar laa,speaker n,abeh laa my scholar money for this month just like that..huwaaaa

I am someone who will be really upset when it comes bout money..i dun like speaking bout money or how much i spent or whatever things that are related to,i felt so tensed that i cried at the office during lunch time..haha..luckily not many people there coz of the opening..kalau x,segan gler kot..

But,nak wat mcm mana,kita merancang,Allah yg menentukan :) i planned to save my money,lots of my money this month but seems that i can't..nevermind,i'll try again next month :) insya-Allah,ada rezeki ada laa :) maybe jgk sbb masa kat utp,i always say that i wanna go check the car speaker but i never go coz of not enough time..this one time,Allah solved my problem once n for all..insya-Allah ;)

So,marilah esok enjoy naik kereta wif new radio,plate number n speaker to work :)

P/S : siann Mr.K gaji dia x masuk lg..aishh Petron nii..noty naa..sabar ye Khair :) Allahn tahan kejap rezeki awak :) nnt ada la tu,insya-Allah ;)

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