Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. 22nd Birthday Part II (SURPRISE)


Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :)

As I posted before, today is Mr.K 22nd Birthday :), for the sake of his birthday, I planned a surprise for him ;) well, its the 3rd year for me planning his birthday..

in 2010, I planned just simple birthday surprise by the lake at Pavillion in UTP :) well, that one dah kantoi sbb his roomate masa tu mcm innocent & told him bout it..hahaha..

for 2011, me & his friends made surprise by him by stealing his car & put it somewhere at UTP main lake..that was fun! :P 2011, he got 2 after that we went to McD where he got his birthday cake & balik dari tu, bawak dia pergi tepi tasik & baling TELUR! wahahaha..mmg best gilerlahhh..well, at least once in a lifetime mesti laa kena baling dengan telur kannn..I know I was mean, but I would love to give him the real experience in being a university student..wahahaha..after all, it was a BIG SUCCESS! thanks to all yang terlibat :P esp, my housemates & his housemates ;) sporting habislahhh..

so, for this year, I planned a decent surprise as he is far away in PD & I'm in Penang..kang plan yang harsh-harsh sapa laa pulak nak, I ordered cake from the only online cake shop yg buat delivery to PD..(seriously, jumpa satu ni je yang hantar ke PD ok! ulu mana laa syg p duduk niii)..then, I asked my mom to sponsor half of its price (jimat itu penting,tambah-tambah masa nak kahwin ni..haha!)..order hari Khamis malam hari tu je pun (last minute plan sbb dok layan perasaan sedih dok jauh..hee~)..nasib baik akak tu still nak accept the order..then, masa nak order tu discuss with Aleesya (my 5 years young niece, sbb dah xde sapa nak discuss with me) about the theme for the cake..Eesya ask mcm-mcm laa pelik..alien laa ape laa..last-last, we both agree to go for ELECTRICAL GUITAR theme :) yeay! hehehe

before tu, I already asked his housemate, Lolie for his home address..hehehe..lepas tu dah contact dgn Kak Ros from RitzariKitchenBlog & Facebook..ordered chocolate moist cake with Electrical Guitar theme & some writing on top of the cake :) yeah, simple sangat sbb last minute kannn..then, asked Kak Ros to send to his house & his housemate, Lolie is kind enough to meet Kak Ros kat bawah rumah :) Thanks a lot! :D

so, the surprise is WELL DONE! weee~ Happy Birthday :D hehehe

The cake :D haha..a little bit messy but mcm sedap je because I LOVE KRIM!

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY, KHAIR :D (I love neat writing on cakes)

Mr.K with Lolie yang banyak help! thanks a lot :D weee~

x sesabor dah haa nak makan tuu :P hehe

Comel aje dah umur 22 nak pasang candles lagi :P forever young gitu :D

Tiup lilin.fuhhh~ ADORABLE! hehehe

Potong kek..nyum2 :D hehe (mcm ni rupanya rumah Mr.K tuuu..semak rupanya :P )

so, far or near, do know I will celebrate your birthday no matter what! :D be happy & have a blissful day, dear!

That's all..

Assalamualaikum :)

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