Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Its Her Story] Final Year First Semester Begins!

Assalamualaikum & Hi :)

so, the new semester has begun yesterday! I've went to a class yesterday & insya-Allah will be having another class today :) supposed there should be another class yesterday but the class was cancel as the lecturer was HOD for my department so we assume he was busy..

timetable for this sem look a bit hectic..even if we got 1 hour gap, we might not be returning to our rooms as its too high! I got house on the top floor (fourth floor from the ground) which is too high! just plain high! hahaha

ok so! 
EBB 4023 - Data & Computer Network (DCN)
EBB 4043 - Electrical & Energy System (EES)
EBB 4223 - Industrial Automation & Control System (IACS)
EBB 4233 - Plant Process Control System (PPCS)
EBB 4012 - Final Year Project I (FYP1)

with total of 14 credit hours, let's strieve & get 4 flat! wahh semangat gittew..its ok, bak kata suami "aim biar setinggi bintang, kalau x tercapai kurang-kurang sampai ke bulan" ;) 

so folks, pray for me, him & friends :) semoga final year ini, kita berjaya mendapat segulung ijazah dgn result yg bagus-bagus di samping dpt memperelok amalan kita dgn Allah & hubungan kita sesama manusia..insya-Allah :)



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