Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Its Her Story] First Honeymoon in Pulau Langkawi

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :) 

for honeymoon, we went to Pulau Langkawi for 3 days & 2 nights :D Alhamdulillah it was fun! we purchased flight ticket from Airasia during promotion..for 2 people return flight from Penang to Pulau Langkawi, we got at price of RM160+- ;)

then, we contact with a travel agent, Mr Azroy for honeymoon package in Langkawi..we requested to stay at De Baron Resort (a newly built resort) with breakfast, candle light dinner & island hopping :) he arranged with the hotel to get a junior suite aka honeymoon suite for us together with breakfast & candle light dinner..for all of this, he charged us for RM880 :) Alhamdulillah it was according to the budget? haha..we paid RM500 deposit & another RM380 upon the check-in..however, we never met him as his office is at Kuala Perlis & we went to Langkawi by we just contact using phone & money transfer :D

oh & another thing, he offered us a free car (either Wira or Viva) for 1 day :) but we think we'll pass as we are departing at Padang Matsirat Airport & he wanted to extra charge for, we decided to gamble & find a rental car at the airport :D

on 6th May at 4.10pm, we boarded the plane to go to Langkawi..the distance between Penang & Langkawi is seriously near! naik x sempat setengah jam dah nak landing..hahaha :P

sampai-sampai, we straight went to the car rental first we were searching for Mazda 2 or Honda City..tetiba the guy there offer us Ford Fiesta red colour! awesome! :D so we rented it for RM200 for 2 days! 

then, we used Waze GPS to go to De Baron Resort..we are welcomed with hujan rahmat just like during our akad nikah :) arrived je we check-in & scheduled our candle light dinner on the first 8.30pm we went down to the deck (under a tent as its raining)..

the candle light dinner was awesome! there was 4 courses begins with appetizer (salad), proceed with starter (wild mushroom soup), main course (beef steak & chicken chop) & desserts (deep fried icecream) :D

on the second day, supposed we go for island hopping..however, I was still not feeling well from the chicken pox & feverish, we just go for a drive around Langkawi :) we stopped by several places such as Dataran Lang, Galleria Perdana & Oriental Village..

at Dataran Lang, we just jalan-jalan & capture some pictures :)

at Galleria Perdana we read history & gifts about Tun Dr. Mahathir :) the entrance fee was RM5 per adult with MyKad & RM2 for camera ;) dah kena bayar for the camera, we took as much picture as we can..hehe

then, at Oriental Village, we rode Duck Ride :) it is shaped like a boat, it can move on the road like a big lorry & steadily go into the sea & change to become a real boat! :D the ride was for 45 minutes..we are able to go around lighthouse at Pantai Kok :D dah penat-penat excited both of us fall asleep..hahaha :P

then, we went to Langkawi Parade for some shopping & bought cinema ticket! Iron Man 3~ wahaha

that night, we went to Pantai Cenang for shopping time lagi! haha..bought some baju, cardigan, dress & so on..hahaha..then, pergi ke Langkawi Parade for Iron Man 3 at 10.30pm :)

the next day, we checkout after breakfast & went to Haji Ismail Group Complex for chocolate shopping time! :D we bought too much chocolates for both families & it costs us for RM500! hahaha..pitam suami di situ untuk membayar~ :P

after that we went to Cenang Mall for some lunch & time wasting before going to the airport :P the mall was nice! Its new & there are a lot of shops selling nice & rare things! :D 

we flew back to Penang & have our time in Penang pulak! 

that's all :D



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  10. hi...ada FB x...because im planning to go to the same resort with agoda...maybe i can have ur opinion on that hotel and what activities we can do there...tq.

  11. Salam. Bole i dptkn contact for rent car tu. 🙏

    1. Hi,I xde number contact for the rent car. I just rent masa dah sampai airport. Mmg totally at the counter je.


  12. mengada ckp bi.. nk bi, bi terus la.. xpyh campur2.. dh mcm rojak dh... rosak bahasa

    1. btul.. jd xbest bk baca

  13. candle light dinner kt mne tu ye?

  14. xde review detail psal hotel ke?