Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Its Her Story] Walimah Khairul & Mastura in Pendang, Kedah

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone :)

Last Saturday was our walimah in Pendang, Kedah..for those who know me, will know that I've studied in MRSM Pendang for five years! at one point, after my SPM, I said looudly & happily "bye Pendang! I don't ever wanna come here ever again!" haaa padan muka, Allah hantar balik g Pendang :P done my wedding there, will be celebrating hari raya there & it will be my kampung too! hahaha..when people asked me how I feel bout it, it feels funny how Allah arranged everything for me..out of all people I wanna be with, I get married to a boy who actually come from Ipoh but end up, he's actually has kampung in Pendang..oh, my funny fate! :D

ok, back to the walimah story :)

on Thursday we head back to Penang from UTP as Friday is holiday as its Wesak Day..on Thursday night, I put on inai again, as my inai from before dah pudar..the best part of all, mommy sabotage my inai! hahaha..mommy put the "bulan" not centre & as if it has fallen from its original place..haha..I seriously need to bare with it! kadang-kadang rasa nak tiup laa, nak korek je! haha -,-"

on Friday, Mr.Suami balik to Pendang with his Cik (aunty on Abah's side) bringing the wedding cake & tolong-tolong :)

on Saturday, early morning we went breakfast at Market Bukit Gedung (now has become Mr.Suami's favourite breakfast place)..then we head straight to Sg Dua to Astana Impian for makeup & siap-siap to kenduri..and oh yes, Mr.Suami drive sendiri here & there dah tu siap ckp drive sendiri g Pendang pun xpe, lagi senang he's the only one yg tau jalan..haha

after makeup, we planned to meet at Sg Dua tol but there was a lot of cars which we decide to meet at the first Hentian after Sg Dua..we meet with friends from UTP, Ezzuni, Afiq, Zul, Shahfizal & Syuk at the Hentian..Zul & Syuk teman & Zul drive our car sbb kesian tgk pengantin drive sendiri..haha..we wait for my mom & family to come & we head to Pendang :)

sampai je kat Pendang, we met with another 2 cars from UTP with Mr.Suami & my friends :) sampai-sampai je tangkap-tangkap gambar on the pelamin then makan-makan :D 

then, potong cakes! we got 2 cakes, 1 from his Cik (aunty on Abah's side) & another from Cikwi (aunty on Mama's side) :D yg x ley blah nya, sesuka hati je Mr.Suami calit cake kat hidung kite! ciss..nasiblah tu masa first cake, masa 2nd cake tu, mmg faham-faham jelaa pembalasannya! hahaha..siap photographer cakap, muka penuh dendam lagi..hahaha..mau tau laa

lepas makan, terus tembam..hahaha

pengantin x senonoh :P

haaa mengata bini kat belakang haa! hahaha

then, we meet all of his saudara :) Alhamdulillah it was such a wonderful kenduri in Kampung which I never experience before..before ni, if ada kenduri kampung pun setakat pergi makan & balik je but this time, I was there & I see how busy it was & how many people was so helpful to make it such a success :)

kawan-kawan from UTP :)

my friend come from MRSM Pendang with her childhood friends sbb segan nak attend sorang :) 
thank you so much for coming all of u :')

in the evening, we went for outdoor photoshoot..at first, nak p my MRSM tersayang but then, we was unsure either we'll be allowed to enter or not, so we went to Taman Rekreasi Pendang beside Pendang Lake Resort (jgn memain, Pendang kite makin maju ok! hahaha)

all these are from my Official Photographer, Tangkapcahaya Photography tagged with Simply Touch Photography sbb Syukri (first assistant from Tangkapcahaya x leyh attend due to health problem)..to contact them, open link below..highly recommended for Penang up to Pendang services..they are AWESOME! that one word can describe them well :) the outcome was beautiful, they are friendly & got a lot of experience and their price are reasonable, affordable :P hey come on laa, we are both students kot mampu ambil diorang apatah lagi anda yg bekerja di luar sana..aicecey..hahaha [complete review will be done later in separate post]

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Tangkapcahaya (for latest update)

my favourite picture :)

then, dalam 6 lebih kami balik & Mr.Suami kena turunkan khemah! hehehe..nasiblah x kena cuci periuk ke kann :) I was as usual playing with all the kids & sembang-sembang with his aunties, uncles & cousins :) malam tu makan bihun sup with extravaganza lembut dagingnyaa..yummy! :D 

that night, for the first time ever, tido dalam kelambu! ya Rabbi, excited mcm hape je ok! hahahaha..tp kelambu moden, shaped like a tent siap ada zip sebijik mcm tent so dapat ler fefeeling camping sikit..wahahaha

the next morning, we siap-siap and head to his tok's (on Abah's side) house in Alor Binjal..rupanya it was the route I go through everytime I wanna go Alor Setar! wahahaha..feels like I never leave Pendang afterall :D his Yang (on Mama's side) dah pesan berapa kali suruh balik raya Pendang..hehe..insya-Allah..discussion x sampai kata putus lagi..heee

so, basically, it was my experience on our walimah in Pendang, Kedah :) it is true when you are married to a guy, you are automatically married to his whole family..Alhamdulillah this is my new family whom I wish to get to know them quick so there'll be no barrier between us :)

till then, Assalamualaikum :)


  1. pendang tang mana kak mas? kot2 jumpak bwk ank jalan2 esok. hehe

  2. kat Kampung Sawa Kecik..aicehh ada anak dah? lagi advance ni! hahaha :P