Friday, May 17, 2013

[Its Her Story] Alhamdulillah, Saya Isterinya ;)

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :)

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah on 3rd May 2013 at 5pm, ditemani hujan rahmat dari Allah, disaksikan keluarga tersayang, sahabat sejati dalam hidup kami, diwalikan oleh ayahku, Md Hasim bin Osman dengan keizinan Allah, dengan sekali lafaz, halallah diriku utk menjadi pencinta dunia & akhirat buat suamiku, Mohamad Khairul Azwan bin Shahbudin :) that priceless moment went by so fast that I wish the exact second can be repeated again ;) despite all the challenges we got from the moment we decided to get married until the few minutes before the akad, we managed to get through it with help from family & blessing from Allah..We believe that Allah hanya akan menguji hambaNya yg mampu, right? :)

before he said the lafaz akad :') 
it was the moment when my heart stop beating & I was actually so shocked he did it in 1 lafaz as I myself can breath heart felt so heavy & breathing seems to be impossible..haha..

with his Mama on my right & his Along on my left, I gathered my strength & remain sitting there rather than running out of the mosque thinking what's the matter of me & what was I thinking getting married so early..hahaha :P

After the akad, I met my Ibu & cried :'( I'm no longer under the responsibility of my syurga will not be under Ibu's feet anymore, it'll be under my husband's feet now :'( I'm still Ibu's little baby though 

me & his Mama (my tudung all senget benget after the crying thingy -,- )

dugaan for me & family on that day was, my dearest niece, Aleesya Amani was brought to the hospital as she fall down & her head hit edge of a table at her school..the teacher said she was running by herself before the fall sis told that she might not be able to attend my akad was so sad but Allah spared my heart from falling apart..I was so worried & keep praying that she'll be okay..

the luka on her head :'( kesian sayang umi ni..

she was so strong that she was able to smile & make peace :') she also applied some henna on her hand as her umi was applying some on the Thursday's night

After the akad, we proceed to my house for some feast & acara sarung cincin ;) the moment I saw Aleesya, I can't stop crying seeing her head with a white plaster but she stay happy laughing like always which makes my heart feels better in a way :)

mata merah x habis menangis lagi..muka nervous tunggu suami :D

During the sarung cincin & acara pembatalan wudhu', the embarrassment with lots of cameras are focusing on us, asking us to do different pose, asking us to hold each others hands and so on -,-" awhhh shy! haha

My pelamin..theme : Pink & Baby Blue

We are now, husband & wife :) Alhamdulillah
Bilik Pengantin Theme : White & Red 

After makan-makan, suami balik to his parents' homestay & he eventually went out to Padang Kota (kononnyalah) but then he & friends patah balik and eat at Kapitan je sebab traffic congestion caused by all those General Election campaigns..while at my house, Yaasin recitation are done together with orang from the nearest surau :) 

On the 4th May (Saturday), in the morning we are busy with packaging all those goodies bag (there were like thousands of them! Hahaha) 10.30am my "Mak Andam" came & the makeup session was on..then, nearly 12pm I'm ready to be the princess of the day! :D 

The wedding ring :D

Pengantin camwhore sorang-sorang :D

there was some people from another surau near to my house come for Marhaban at 11.30am :) nak dijadikan cerita at the same time making my kenduri memorable for every guests who came was at 12pm, just after I'm ready, the electricity was out! at first, I thought it caused by too many aircond were on at the same time..but after that it was discovered that electricity was out for the whole row of my was caused by a house (in the middle of the row) was tripped & fire sparks can be viewed therefore to stop the spark to spread to other houses, TNB turned electricity off for the whole row while they repair it..haha..there are numbers of people who went out of my house to captured video & photos of the house with fireworks..

when the rombongan from belah suami came at 12.30pm, fire sparks are still happening at the house..suami thought it was my side playing mercun to celebrate his arrival..hahaha..Allahurabbi luckily nothing happened to us & our house..we proceed with the makan beradab as there was no electricity in the house & the house was all heaty & dark..

Meja beradap..Theme : Pink & Baby Blue

My Ayah & Guests

From left : Tok Ibu, Ayah & Ibu

so, during my kenduri there was no electricity from 12-4 pm which exactly during my kenduri duration..haha..but in a way, Allah helped us..can u imagine if there was electricity & all those airconds in my house was on all the time, how much the electricity bill will be? if there was electricity, won't the DJ play songs loudly & disturb the rahmah of the feast? if there was electricity, won't I be on the pelamin & there'll be a lot of people (ajnabee aka strangers, non-relative) will watch me from head to toe? Allah helped us to make the feast blessed so I have no complaints :) 

My girlfriends from MRSM Pendang :) Thank you so much for coming..though I can't entertain & have a nice long chat with all of u, I appreciate 

supposed, we need to change into our gowns & coat at 2.30pm to proceed with cake cutting..however, as there was no electricity & the outside was hot, we didn't change & wear our songket until 3.30pm :) the gown & coat was saved for the outdoor photoshoot ;)

Potong-potong cake :D My castle cake! :D

at 3.30pm we went into Mama's house (my babysitter whom I think as my 2nd mother..she lived next row from my house & her house has electricity) & cool down ourselves..we solat (for the first time he became my Imam & I felt so proud to be married to him) & my "Mak Andam" make up me for the outdoor photoshoot :)

me being princess :D

we went for outdoor photoshoot at Jeti to Pulau Jerejak..we had fun playing on the sand, pose for the photographer who was really good in showing us how to pose, running here & there to take pictures with airplanes passing by & being with beloved friend :') oh Allah, it was wonderful memories :)

Main-main sand

main cak-cak

posing by the sea :)

candid picture :P it was awkward standing that near to him..haha

buat sahabat-sahabatku yg cantik dan baik hati, terima kasih banyak-banyak for coming to my house early & staying and helping throughout the wedding :) jasa baik all of u sgtlah dihargai..insya-Allah bila tiba masa kalian, I'll be there at my best to help all of u ;)



I think that will be all for the first part of my cinta halal :) I'll update later of our honeymoon in Langkawi & others :) 

Till then ;)



  1. osem.. tahniah2 for both of u.. epi always, dan selamat grad dgn jayanya.. ^_^

  2. thanks Syafiq Afandi :) Ameen~ wishing the best for u too :D