Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 21st Surprise Birthday Party

Assalamualaikum n Hi everyone :)

this morning at 5.30am suddenly, Anis my roomie wake me up and show me this!

my Birthday Invitation Card :D

the Details about the Party :D

she hurriedly ask me to go shower and was half awake but just do what she asked..hahaha

then, went we arrived, I was shocked, happy, confused and half-awaked all together, so I just walk around..then when the sun is already up there, I realized that I got the most favourable birthday party that anyone can wish for ;) I started to get extra happy :) I am too lucky to have them as my friends..they willingly slept for 3 hours max, some did not sleep at all and they can still come happily celebrating my birthday although it already past :D I can never ever ask for more! sayang korang lebih-lebih..enjoy the picture :)

my Birthday Cake

they line up, holding balloons written,"HB, muah! Mas..Love U" :')

I got a certificate for entering the age of 21..haha

just a happy me, surrounded with people I love the most and the view I adore the best, SEA!

G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.S <3

disebabkan terlampau banyak menonton Running Man, maka 'Mas, Anis, CROSS!' :P

the man that always made me laugh out loud, louder than him himself :)

kami semua after makan McD Breakfast :D

main tangkap gambar lompat-lompat before matahari terbit :D

we love each other strongly!

friends forever :)

just sweet him trying to make me smile even more :)

I am 21 years old! a key to freedom?haha

semua jealous sebab they are not 21..some are older n some x sampai lagi :P hehe

I really thank them with all my heart for being such a sweetheart that cheer my day up :) even yesterday was not so happy day for me, but they make me happy :D I thank Allah, for sending you, my love ;) thank you lots n lots! the best birthday party ever! until now, I'm still cannot believe that it actually happened :D it was just too perfect, too fun n too unexpectable..I love you guys lots :) thanks!

semoga dengan peningkatan umur ini, Mastura akan bertambah matang, lebih kuat beribadah, semakin tawaduk, selalu rajin belajar, semakin diberkati dan semoga segala harapan dan impian Mastura akan tercapai dengan mudahnya :) ameen~

till we meet again, Assalamualaikum :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Assalamualaikum n Hi everyone :)

A : how old are u?
Me : 21 years old
*ok, just wanna see how that feels..hahaha

Alhamdulillah, my 21st birthday have come :) along with my 3rd anniversary with him <3 although this year my birthday fall on the 1st day of my exam, it still turn out to be fun :)

months before my birthday, my bestest friend had gave me an early birthday gift which is a teddy bear that i saw once at facebook (online shop)..i kinda bising-bising to Mr.K telling him how much i love it :P other way, i was kind of giving him hints to buy it for me..then the story just goes buy for a month n suddenly, one afternoon when i was busy studying for Mandarin test, my roomie throw the bear to me..i caught it n ask her who gave it to her? hahaha..rupa-rupanya that's for me..aww so sweet..its so big, just like Aleesya's size :D i am very grateful to have people like them as my friend :) i'm a lucky girl :D

hi, nama saya montel tel tel :P

as my birthday is on our 1st paper, Mr.K gave me the gift earlier..he wants to see me wearing the watch when i study at the library :P the watch is unique, beautiful n cute :D i never know that he can make a choice that good..haha kidding2..he always good in choosing such thing ;) the watch is sold with 2 straps n 2 screen cover for, i can wear it with white or pink strap with white or purple cover..awesome right?hehehe :D

baby Puma :D

the most epic day, 2nd May 2012, after studying at the IRC, kitorang balik bilik to solat Asar n rest n decided to go back after Maghrib..i took the chance to go buy present for him at Taman Maju..i bought Pororo for him for our 3rd anniversary :P haha..the best part was when i was in the shop, looking for the paper bag to fit the Pororo in, suddenly he came into the shop! i was too shocked as it was supposed to be a surprise for him, that i could just hide behind the racks..after sometime, i was thinking that it is ridiculous to hide there that i bravely went to the cashier to pay but the cashier wasn't there! dah tu, dia nampak laa..terkejut punya pasal, i shout right there! hahaha..but i think orang keliling tu faham kot that they laugh jer..haha..malu gila kantoi gitu..terus dia ajak gi makan ke ape pun xnak! 

benda alah yang kantoi kat Taman Maju :P hehe

n addition to that, malam tu masa tengah study elok-elok kat IRC, tetiba dengar bunyi kaca pecah..tengok-tengok pintu dah berderai..hahaha..ada orang tu tolak rupanya pintu tu x ok..sian dia..kalau ada paper hari ni mesti down jer..

masa kat IRC semalam, i was kinda down sebab nak kena celebrate birthday sambil jawab exam kan :( but it turns out that it is a very nice day after all :) 

a smiling star for me who i know will always be with me, insya-Allah :)

i am lucky to have parents who love me and always think of me as their little baby :D
i am lucky to have sisters who know what i need ;)
i am lucky to have a brother who wish the best for me :)
i am lucky to have friends who care and love me :D
i am lucky to have him who always try his best for me :P

birthday and anniversary presents collection from him :)

anak-anak peliharaan :D

thank you Allah for allowing me to breath on your Earth until today..i dun know until when but thank you, Allah for giving me such a perfect life, nice people for me to live with and shining hope for me to live for..i cannot thank you enough :')

P/S: wishing that this final exam finish fast! i wanna go home! dah 2 minggu x balik rumah ni :'(

Assalamualaikum :)