Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good & Bad of Traffic Jam

Bismillah, Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone ;)

Alhamdulillah its my 18th week of my internship..another 11 weeks to go ;) for this 18 weeks traffic jam has officially makes me done a lot of thinking about working 8 to 5 daily..hahaha..seriously I don't mind going to work for long hours but what I hate the most is TRAFFIC JAM..well, that's my bad ;)

for the first couple of weeks, I spent my time in the car listening to Hot FM daily! then, I think to myself..what do I got from listening to radio? knowledge? NOT I get pahala? I DON'T THINK I remember Allah? erm, NOPE..

then, I remembered my mom tell me about how Dr. Muhaya, a doctor who now become the motivator because whenever she stucks in traffic jam, she will listen to knowledgeable  cassette from motivators..from there, she add knowledge in term of Islam & motivation :) look at her now..she really live her life well & I am really impressed with women like her :) insya-Allah, I wanna be like her one day ;)

oh ok, then I set my mind..I downloaded Al-Mathurat by Ustaz Don apps in my handphone..every morning, before I start my journey, after reciting Doa Naik Kenderaan, I'll set the Al-Mathurat apps to continuously play..and after that I'll drive my car :) Alhamdulillah, after weeks mengamalkan the same routine, I now can memorize bit by bit of Al-Mathurat 30 segments of Surah & Dua..amazing how our brain can memorize when we keep listening to the same thing again & again :)

however, me too have my flaws..during driving back from work, I tend to listen to music as I think I am stressed enough from doing work everyday..I need to rethink & try to build my iman so that I can amalkan Al-Mathurat pagi & petang..insya-Allah :) yosh,MASTURA! you can do it :D

what I can see after I amalkan I amalkan Al-Mathurat in my car, things seems to be safe when I'm inside my car..first was when my family was in Korea, leaving me & ayah at morning before going to work, a baby kitty was under my car..I delayed my journey so that ayah can remove it from under the car..when I was reversing my car, suddenly my steering wheel feels so heavy that I cannot turn it the end, I parked back & drive my mom's car, the big Unser to work..I asked my Ayah to bring Wira to workshop & have a check..when I get home in the evening, Ayah said that I'm lucky enough that I didn't drive Wira to work..with traffic jam & loads of car, I might get involve in accident as the steering wheels end up cannot turn at all..Alhamdulillah, Allah save me & Allah sent the baby kitty to stop me from drive rushly to work :)

another incident, when I was out with my bestie after work..when I was going out from 1 junction, I didn't look at the left side of my car as it was traffic jam & I was focusing nak keluar fastly & to go into the 2nd lane instead of the most left friend dah siap menyorok sbb takut kena sbb memang dah dekat gilaaa but Alhamdulillah, again, Allah help me :) Thank you, Ya Rabb! you are THE BEST! ya Alim, ya Jabbar :) 

masa on the way to work or going back from work, memang je laa potensi untuk calar-balar Wira tu but Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Allah save me :) thank you, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim :) keranaMu sehari-harian ku selamat..

daripada we hate traffic jam, maybe we can just look at what we can do masa jam tuu ;) things that will bring benefits to us..not only in Dunia but also for our preparation utk kehidupan abadi di alam ghaib nanti :) insya-Allah

so, that's all for now ;) see u next time! semoga setiap langkah dan setiap saat kita bersama redha Allah..ameen~ 

till then, Assalamualaikum

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doa Dipermudahkan Urusan

Assalamualaikum & Hi to everyone,

sejak 2 menjak ni, rasa mcm letih, exhausted from doing the same routine day by day..sometimes, I just wished that my life can be fast forward & I can just jump to month of April when my internship will end..seriously, working life is OVERRATED! (now, I am overrated) -,-

bila terfikir balik, Ya Allah, betapa Mastura x bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah..Allah gave me chance to experience working life & He let me go back to studies for 2 more semesters after this internship..I should have just go on without ranting over it! Astaghfirullahalazim :( I'm sorry,Allah..I'll try to bersyukur & enjoy my working moment :) insya-Allah

so, after being tired of this situation, I googled some of Doa to ease my way in everything, either my internship, my wedding preparation or just my everyday life :) I found 2 recurring Du'a that I always recite before this without actually mean the makna :( I'm not good!!

Just wanna share the Du'a I got & its meaning..insya-Allah, with Allah will, by reciting this Du'a Allah will help us get through our daily life in Dunia wa Akhirat ;)

The first Du'a is also known as Doa Penerang Hati :) we usually recite is before start learning either in class or while we are studying on our own :) this Du'a is from Surah Taha verse 25 to 28

Mafhumnya : Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah dadaku..Dan permudahkanlah segala urusanku..Dan ungkaikanlah apa yang tersimpul di lidahku..Dan mudah-mudahan mereka semua dapat memahami segala urusanku..

Du'a kedua selalunya dibaca selepas solat..kalau x silap, dulu masa nak menghafal Doa ini, I used some kind of nasyid rhythm to help me remember :)

Mafhumya : Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakan kami rahmat dari sisi-Mu dan berilah petunjuk kepada kami dalam urusan kami dengan segala petunjuk. Mudahkanlah urusan kami ya Allah, permudahkanlah jangan disulitkan kerana Engkaulah yang Maha memudahkan, segala yang susah adalah mudah bagi-Mu. Ya Allah, sempurnakanlah dengan segala kebaikan, dengan rahmat-Mu, Ya Allah wahai yang paling mengasihani daripada segala yang mengasihani

Moga-moga dengan mengamalkan Doa ini akan memberi kemudahan kepada kita dengan izin Allah..insya-Allah :)

Dari Dia kami datang dan kepada Dia akan kami kembali :)

Hanya Engkaulah yang memberi petunjuk kepada kami, Ya Rabb 


Assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aleesya's 5 years old birthday party

Assalamualaikum & Hi ;)
Bila mai mood rajin,sehari 2 3 post pun boleyy kan :P ok,yesterday was Aleesya's 5 years old birthday :) so,for her sake, I took half day leave & went to her kindy + day care for the party which starts at 3 pm :)
Sampai-sampai tengok my forever baby girl dah siap dengan pakai tutu,cekak & magic wand ;) her candy buffet pun dah siap..candy buffet ni mama dia bagi duit saja & Eesya discussed with her principal what's the theme & her teacher setupkann..awesome! Obviously,her theme was, pinky princess fairytale..hahaha..ok,as u wish,birthday gal :)
Kids from her class & Aariz class come down & sing 'Happy Birthday' song for her..dah habis sing,tengok-tengok xde candle..then,baru pasang candle & kena sing again in 3 languages (Malay,English & Mandarin)..umi? Happily sitting behind the kids pretending to be a student too..hehehe
After all,seronok tengok Eesya celebrate birthday with her friends & enjoy being with small kids! Worth my half-day off! :D
To my dearest Aleesya Amani :) Happy 5 years old birthday to u,sayang! U r a big gal now..umi promise that I'll try to treat u like a big gal..I'll try not to dukung u & play pretend-u-r-a-baby game with u anymore..hehe..if I can't,I'm sorry! Hehe..umi loves u so much!after all,I'm ur second mom right?hee ^^ be a good girl,brilliant lady & smart woman later ok?muahh..xoxo
That's all about my gal birthday :) below r some pics from my handphone..not much,but enough for thousand words :) nanti rajin,I'll add more from DSLR ;)
Till then,Assalamualaikum :)

100 Days & Less

Bismillah ;)

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone :)

Salam Maulidur Rasul :) Happy Birthday, ya Rasul Allah..selawat dan salam hanya untukmu :) 

lamaaaaa sangat x update blog ni..hehe..biaselaa wanita bekerjaya kononnya..balik malam je dah ngantuk mcm hape terus tidur..hehe

anyway, this week is my Week 17 of internship out of 28 weeks..woot woot! hehe..well done, Jan'09 peeps from UTP! we have done great! x lama lagi habis la ni..sikit lagi, sikit lagi :P

so, now I would love to tell stories bout my Internship & wedding preparations..weee~

First of all, INTERNSHIP!

I know its been long that I said I wanna tell how well I'm doing my internship..but x pernah update kan..kahkahkah..ok, so everyday I go to work from 8 to 5..well, selalunya xde la sharp sampai office at 8 pun & kadang-kadang xde laa balik lambat dari pukul 5 (means I balik sharp at 5 always! hahaha) part of all is, every blissful Firday kami Philips worker can go home at 3 (THREE, TIGA!) pm..miahahaha..sangat seronok ok! balik lunch dah pukul 1 something-something, solat & lepak jap & balik rumahhh for WEEKEND! haha..seriously, I'll be over-excited when it comes to Friday..hehe

work at Philips Lumileds as a Vacation Trainee (that's what they call here) is awesome! sebabnya my Reliability Team cannot be more awesome than how they are now..we don't have any issues of operator x respect young engineer ke VT ke manager ke..NO! kitorang works as a family..everybody can listen to everybody's opinion..even for me yang baru je keje 3 bulan mcm tu, they still looks forward for my advice & opinion..I feel so blessed! 

colleagues are THE BEST! rasa mcm kerja dengan kengkawan je..haha..or for me, kerja dengan kakak-kakak..hehe..I always pergi & nyendeng-nyendeng dgn diorg..kalau bosan duduk ofis x tau nak buat ape, masuk lab & kacau all kakak-kakak tu wat keje..FUN MUCH! 

basically, mmg syok gilalah my intern & I thank Allah for it :) it will be remembered that I meet this awesome people sent by Allah to cheer up my day & make me some new friends in Penang ;) nanti surely I'll invite each & everyone of them to my wedding :D 


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, byk sangat yg dah settle :) 

Butik Pengantin : Dah bayar deposit :D butik pengantin pilihan is my adik-beradik punya..owner dia is the one yang done my make-up for engagement :) so, dekat dia sewa 2 pasang baju + 3 kali make-up (Nikah, Reception P + Reception L) + pelamin..nama butik dia Astana Impian at Sungai Dua..can search kat Faceboook ;)

Photographer : Dah bayar deposit too ;) amek Tangkapcahaya Photography at Kepala Batas..mana jumpa? Facebook! hahaha..I love cara dia edit gambar..not too over but not too simple ;) hehe..besides, the price I get is reasonable! Ya Allah, masa dpt quotation tu seronok nak golek-golek kot rasa..sbb dah berkenan dengan cara dia handle camera & editing kan ;) like a dream come true..tehee ^^

Videographer : this one, I am speechless!! Mr.K n my friends, offer nak jadi videographer for our wedding for FREE! sbb? hadiah kahwin! Ya Allah, I'm so lucky to have awesome friends around me :) thanks a lot korang! u never know what this means to both of us :) 

Caterer : Dah bayar deposit jugakk :D amek Quali Warisan from Machang Bubuk, Seberang..owner is Mr.K's coursemate's big brother :) hehehe..baik sgt abang dia..dah la baru nak tasting dia mmg sedap! lepas tu dia bg Khemah & hiasan meja beradab included in the package ;) harga pun better than org belah Penang yg mahal berapi -,-

Door gift : Dah bayar deposit too ;) yang ni is my mom's choice..we found contact number masa pergi beli makanan kat gerai & rasa-rasa the 'thing' is not, we contact & meet & pay! simple kann..hahaha..nanti dia akan hantar the door gift to my house..wee :) this one is from Seberang too :D hehe

Kad Kahwin : Dah bayar deposit & dah siap first draft :D hehehe..cepatkannn..actually, its my mom's request nak bg siap by end of January, tapi x siap-siap lagi sekarang ni sbb me & Mr.K hantar peta lambat..ekekeke..sowie mummy! hehe..ibu nak pass the card around start masa CNY sbb masa tu kan ada byk kenduri so, xyah la nak ulang p rumah depa byk-byk kali kan ;) haaa Kad Kahwin ni is my biggest achievement! tau x kenapa? sebab, design dia comey & the price is so cheap!! I got 28 sen sekeping kot! bangga gila kot dapat murah sbb memang dok cari yang murah punn..weee..dah tau kan nanti org buang je kad tu, so, watpe nak mahal-mahal ;) nama kedai is SBS Kad Kahwin kat Kulim..jauhkann..sanggup! (source : Facebook) silakan search ;) hehe

Hiasan & Barang Hantaran : Barang hiasan semua beli kat Nilai 3 :P barang-barang hantaran pulak kami buat beli sebulan 1, kalau x pengsan nak keluar duit ooo..hiasan hantaran utk belah Mr.K dah siap! ok, hiasan dia dah siap..sbbnye, I did it..hahaha..saja laa test power before buat hiasan utk diri, I did for him first ;) mama dia kan busy sbb baru pindah sekolah, I asked if I can help..she don't mind & I do ler :P Mr.K just tell me what colour he wants..hehe..Man, I can bukak kedai gubahan myself nii (proud gila ni)

Borang Nikah : Yg ni x siap lagi padahal benda paling penting kann..haha..actually, sbb borang ni valid for 90 days before nikah day je..sbb tu x siapkan lagi :) tapi esok, both me & Mr.K nak pergi buat HIV Test although kat negeri lain-lain..hahaha

Basically, most of my wedding thingy is from Seberang..belah Penang xdakk..biasalahh kahwin masa tengah belajar mesti laa nak jimat kannn ;)

So, itu je la kot for now..after all, we still got another 100 days to go! 100? yesss 100! :D weee *gatai*

That's all I think for now :) see u laa another month ke (perli diri sendiri sebab x update)..hahaha..pray for me! 

Alhamdulillah, thank you, Allah for helping me throughout my everything ;D

Till then, Assalamualaikum :)