Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aleesya's 5 years old birthday party

Assalamualaikum & Hi ;)
Bila mai mood rajin,sehari 2 3 post pun boleyy kan :P ok,yesterday was Aleesya's 5 years old birthday :) so,for her sake, I took half day leave & went to her kindy + day care for the party which starts at 3 pm :)
Sampai-sampai tengok my forever baby girl dah siap dengan pakai tutu,cekak & magic wand ;) her candy buffet pun dah siap..candy buffet ni mama dia bagi duit saja & Eesya discussed with her principal what's the theme & her teacher setupkann..awesome! Obviously,her theme was, pinky princess fairytale..hahaha..ok,as u wish,birthday gal :)
Kids from her class & Aariz class come down & sing 'Happy Birthday' song for her..dah habis sing,tengok-tengok xde candle..then,baru pasang candle & kena sing again in 3 languages (Malay,English & Mandarin)..umi? Happily sitting behind the kids pretending to be a student too..hehehe
After all,seronok tengok Eesya celebrate birthday with her friends & enjoy being with small kids! Worth my half-day off! :D
To my dearest Aleesya Amani :) Happy 5 years old birthday to u,sayang! U r a big gal now..umi promise that I'll try to treat u like a big gal..I'll try not to dukung u & play pretend-u-r-a-baby game with u anymore..hehe..if I can't,I'm sorry! Hehe..umi loves u so much!after all,I'm ur second mom right?hee ^^ be a good girl,brilliant lady & smart woman later ok?muahh..xoxo
That's all about my gal birthday :) below r some pics from my handphone..not much,but enough for thousand words :) nanti rajin,I'll add more from DSLR ;)
Till then,Assalamualaikum :)

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