Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Aisha Damia | First Fever


Currently at KPJ Kajang. My princess admitted due to high fever. Demam since Jumaat malam. Sabtu pagi dah bawak pergi Paed near home then she confirmed that AD's throat x merah pun. Fever might be due to virus or infection. She just prescribed Paracetamol & bagi ubat punggung in case AD's temperature rise above 38.5C. 

Lepas bagi Paracetamol she seems to be ok but after few hours, her fever keep coming back on and off. 

End up Sunday her temperature rise above 38.5C. Masuk ubat punggung tu dia boleh poo poo lepas tu. But I believe ubat tu dah larut sepenuhnye. Hahaha

Monday morning her temperature is still high and AD start xnak minum susu. Minum pun alahai sikit2 not like usual. Monday tu pun is my first day of semester. Yeay! Haha. Memandangkan its been 3 days, I decided to bring her to Paed for blood test coz its feared to be dengue fever. Pergilah Az-Zahrah in Bangi coz her Paed near house to morning at Az-Zahrah, petang after 6pm baru in Bandar Seri Putra. 

After meeting with doctor, doctor cakap she needs to be admitted because its been 3 days and her fever and on and off is very dangerous. We waited awhile before meeting the doctor. Masa doctor check her temperature is 39C. Ambik kau. Terus doctor bagi ubat punggung. 

Doctor was trying hard nak admit her but no vacant bed in Az-Zahrah. She asks whether I wanted to be in the waiting list ke nak dia bagi refer letter. After consulting with my brother we decided to bring her to KPJ Kajang which not that near to our home but a bigger hospital. Cons is x dapat Paed yang dah biasa tu. 

From her blood test, her white blood cells count is high and doctor suspected UTI, Urinary Track Infection. She just recovered from 3 weeks diarrhea. I think that might be the reason behind the infection.

I went home with AD first nak packing things & waited for Mr.K to come home from work. Then, around 3pm++ we went to KPJ Kajang. Ingatkan boleh terus admitted rupanya kena jumpa Paed sini pulak. The worse part of it was kat sini pun katil penuh & we were in the waiting list! Kena tunggu orang discharge dulu. So, baliklah ke BSP balik while waiting for them to call. I cannot brain how a person entitled to be warded asked to go back & wait for their call 😓

Time Maghrib temperature AD dah naik balik. Ummi started to naik hantu called admission at KPJ Kajang telling them about her condition and asked how much longer we need to wait? Dia cakap just come to A&E they'll give her treatment and by the time the treatment completed the room will be ready. Sampai KPJ around 8.40pm. At 9pm diorang pun bagi ubat demam dalam syringe. I was like derrr I thought there was like special treatment ke apa. Bagi ubat demam aku pun boleh bagi kat rumah. Hahaha

After that tunggu pulak diorang buat admission procedure. Pukul 9.30pm baru naik bilik. 

Then bermulalah proses nak buat line drip for AD. The first nurse cucuk tangan kiri AD. First time ambik darah siap mcm perah2 tangan dia. The second time nak buat line but vein dia kembang diorang flush air inside. So xboleh guna utk drip.

Then they ask sister pulak buat. Sister tu cucuk pulak kaki AD. Still kembang bila flush air. Then they call nurse from nursery sebab kononnya they dealt with smaller veins everyday. The nurse came tebuk pulak tangan kanan dia. Still the same thing happen. Ummi memang nak naik hantu mengamuk dah. AD memang menangis kaw-kaw punya laaa. End up diorang cakap tunggu Paed sendiri buat esok.

The next morning pukul 4am AD start panas balik. Nurse bagi ubat & spray hidung then asked me to sponge her. Lepas sponge, she sleeps balik until the Paed make his round. He asks us to get ready dia nak make line for drip to AD. 

Masuk2 in the treatment room, the Paed asks the nurse to switch off the lights. He used torch light letak bawah tangan AD and we can see up to her bones. He marked dengan pen and then decided to see which one is the best. Lepas tu they switch on the lights and he started to tebuk her. Alhamdulillah, finally dapat jugak and the vein is ok even when flushed with water. 

Then we went for ultrasound. They checked her tummy and started to label all her glands. Kagum that we can see all that! Haritu masa pregnant x nampak pun kidney semua. Ke nampak but diorang x explain? 

Cerita nak collect her urine also satu hal. Kena put some kind of plastic bag in her pampers. Tapi sbb AD xnak minum sangat susah nak collect her urine to be tested. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak at last lepas balik from ultrasound tu. Finally she wants to drink lepas kena pujuk zikir-zikir sikit. 

Now, she's sleeping and I'm waiting for the urine test results and what's the comment from the Paed. 

I have 2 classes today. Reasearch Method 9-10am and Computer Vision 6.30-9-30pm. I missed the first class and kind of hoping I can go to the second one. But AD is most important. Classes can wait. Once she recover I'll have to speedlearn everything. May Allah ease

Cepat-cepat sihat ye anak Ummi. Ummi x sanggup tengok sayang x sihat 😭 I love you, baby!

Notakaki : Bilik kat sini besar & cantik tapi sayang I can hear baby from next door crying and her father sneezing 😓

Till then. 

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