About Me

Nama diberi : Siti Mastura binti Md Hasim [oh recently, Puan Siti Mastura binti Md Hasim]
Tarikh Lahir : 3 Mei 1991
Tarikh Akad Nikah : 3 Mei 2013

Happily married to Mr.K. Embracing married life as a student besides fulfilling my responsibilities as fulltime Hamba Allah yg hanya kepadaNya ku memohon untuk dikurniakan yg terbaik :)

Currently studying Electrical & Electronics Engineering in UTP. 

My husband, my imam in my solah, my listener to my problem, my financial accountant, my superhero, my breath, my life, my soul, I introduce you, suami dunia akhiratku :)

Daughter of my proud mommy & daddy :)

Last daughter of the family merangkap youngest sister for everyone :)

Umi of awesome 4 kids! Presenting, Durratul Maira binti Masri and Aleesya Amani binti Mohamad Faizol

Muhammad Izz Danial bin Masri

And, Aariz Afeef bin Mohamad Faizol

Me & His Mama :)

Me & our Mothers ;)

Me & my new family :)

Surrounded by brilliant and caring friends who I can't ask for more :)

My lovely beautiful housemates

My darling sweetheart roomie <3 nbsp="">

My MRSM Pendang galfriends

My MRSM Pendang school friends :D

My awesome UTP friends :D

my crazy intern friends <3>

My childhood bestie :)

Basically, a lucky girl who has everything she wants. Alhamdulillah for all these nikmat which I can't repay Allah for giving me :) 

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