Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aisha Damia | 7 months young


Quick update of 7 months Aisha Damia. She started solid food at 6 months. Although I get to know that her daycare started to feed her nestum before she reached 6 months :( But xpela as long as she's healthy and growing up well. 

Started out with Apple Puree. She make sour face and start spitting so I stopped giving her apple. next, I tried giving her carrot puree. She eats it but she doesn't like it very much. Then, I tried to feed her blend plain porridge and SHE LOVES IT until she laughed and eat and smile at the same time. So anak melayu, melayulah jua ya. Hahahaha.

Then now, she started on oat. I bought rolled oat and blended it into fine powder. So, for breakfast and dinner its oat now. She likes it although its a terrible mess when its come to cleaning her face from the oat leftovers. Muahaha

She can combat crawling very well, She can sit but still need to tahan herself with one of her hand. She can stand on her own (holding to sides of fence or basket) weee. Alhamdulillah

She got her 2nd fever last week. It was viral fever. The symptoms was having high fever for 3 days then she start to have rashes started from her head to her legs. She became super clingy and easily cry (so unlike her). Ummi skipped study for a week to stay at home taking care of her. Cannot send her to the nursery because she might infect other kids at her age (6 to 12 months). She had recovered and Alhamdulillah her appetite is OK too now. 

Oh she went for her first bowling centre visit last weekend. We went to Ampang Superbowl Bangi Getaway which gonna be Papa's favourite lepak centre after this. Hihihi

That's all. Chow~

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Aisha Damia | First Fever


Currently at KPJ Kajang. My princess admitted due to high fever. Demam since Jumaat malam. Sabtu pagi dah bawak pergi Paed near home then she confirmed that AD's throat x merah pun. Fever might be due to virus or infection. She just prescribed Paracetamol & bagi ubat punggung in case AD's temperature rise above 38.5C. 

Lepas bagi Paracetamol she seems to be ok but after few hours, her fever keep coming back on and off. 

End up Sunday her temperature rise above 38.5C. Masuk ubat punggung tu dia boleh poo poo lepas tu. But I believe ubat tu dah larut sepenuhnye. Hahaha

Monday morning her temperature is still high and AD start xnak minum susu. Minum pun alahai sikit2 not like usual. Monday tu pun is my first day of semester. Yeay! Haha. Memandangkan its been 3 days, I decided to bring her to Paed for blood test coz its feared to be dengue fever. Pergilah Az-Zahrah in Bangi coz her Paed near house to morning at Az-Zahrah, petang after 6pm baru in Bandar Seri Putra. 

After meeting with doctor, doctor cakap she needs to be admitted because its been 3 days and her fever and on and off is very dangerous. We waited awhile before meeting the doctor. Masa doctor check her temperature is 39C. Ambik kau. Terus doctor bagi ubat punggung. 

Doctor was trying hard nak admit her but no vacant bed in Az-Zahrah. She asks whether I wanted to be in the waiting list ke nak dia bagi refer letter. After consulting with my brother we decided to bring her to KPJ Kajang which not that near to our home but a bigger hospital. Cons is x dapat Paed yang dah biasa tu. 

From her blood test, her white blood cells count is high and doctor suspected UTI, Urinary Track Infection. She just recovered from 3 weeks diarrhea. I think that might be the reason behind the infection.

I went home with AD first nak packing things & waited for Mr.K to come home from work. Then, around 3pm++ we went to KPJ Kajang. Ingatkan boleh terus admitted rupanya kena jumpa Paed sini pulak. The worse part of it was kat sini pun katil penuh & we were in the waiting list! Kena tunggu orang discharge dulu. So, baliklah ke BSP balik while waiting for them to call. I cannot brain how a person entitled to be warded asked to go back & wait for their call 😓

Time Maghrib temperature AD dah naik balik. Ummi started to naik hantu called admission at KPJ Kajang telling them about her condition and asked how much longer we need to wait? Dia cakap just come to A&E they'll give her treatment and by the time the treatment completed the room will be ready. Sampai KPJ around 8.40pm. At 9pm diorang pun bagi ubat demam dalam syringe. I was like derrr I thought there was like special treatment ke apa. Bagi ubat demam aku pun boleh bagi kat rumah. Hahaha

After that tunggu pulak diorang buat admission procedure. Pukul 9.30pm baru naik bilik. 

Then bermulalah proses nak buat line drip for AD. The first nurse cucuk tangan kiri AD. First time ambik darah siap mcm perah2 tangan dia. The second time nak buat line but vein dia kembang diorang flush air inside. So xboleh guna utk drip.

Then they ask sister pulak buat. Sister tu cucuk pulak kaki AD. Still kembang bila flush air. Then they call nurse from nursery sebab kononnya they dealt with smaller veins everyday. The nurse came tebuk pulak tangan kanan dia. Still the same thing happen. Ummi memang nak naik hantu mengamuk dah. AD memang menangis kaw-kaw punya laaa. End up diorang cakap tunggu Paed sendiri buat esok.

The next morning pukul 4am AD start panas balik. Nurse bagi ubat & spray hidung then asked me to sponge her. Lepas sponge, she sleeps balik until the Paed make his round. He asks us to get ready dia nak make line for drip to AD. 

Masuk2 in the treatment room, the Paed asks the nurse to switch off the lights. He used torch light letak bawah tangan AD and we can see up to her bones. He marked dengan pen and then decided to see which one is the best. Lepas tu they switch on the lights and he started to tebuk her. Alhamdulillah, finally dapat jugak and the vein is ok even when flushed with water. 

Then we went for ultrasound. They checked her tummy and started to label all her glands. Kagum that we can see all that! Haritu masa pregnant x nampak pun kidney semua. Ke nampak but diorang x explain? 

Cerita nak collect her urine also satu hal. Kena put some kind of plastic bag in her pampers. Tapi sbb AD xnak minum sangat susah nak collect her urine to be tested. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak at last lepas balik from ultrasound tu. Finally she wants to drink lepas kena pujuk zikir-zikir sikit. 

Now, she's sleeping and I'm waiting for the urine test results and what's the comment from the Paed. 

I have 2 classes today. Reasearch Method 9-10am and Computer Vision 6.30-9-30pm. I missed the first class and kind of hoping I can go to the second one. But AD is most important. Classes can wait. Once she recover I'll have to speedlearn everything. May Allah ease

Cepat-cepat sihat ye anak Ummi. Ummi x sanggup tengok sayang x sihat 😭 I love you, baby!

Notakaki : Bilik kat sini besar & cantik tapi sayang I can hear baby from next door crying and her father sneezing 😓

Till then. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

My Bestie is Engaged!


Post ini ada sedikit syahdu sebab my bestie, my roomie is engaged to Mr.K's roomie! *Insert girl's cry here*

Ok here it goes. These two people was our pengapit during our wedding. Masa tu, they have no feeling to each other yet. Was just friends to friends gittew. Long story short, lepas habis UTP, me and Mr.K saje je la nak goo kan diorang ni. Tengok-tengok menjadi and last Sunday, 30 August 2015 was their engagement!! *Nangis lagi!*

X sangka my roomate kesayangan dah besar, dah jadi tunangan orang. Semoga Allah merahmati dan meredhai hubungan ini. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan untuk membina Baitulmuslim. I'll be waiting for next year! Hihi

Buat Anis sayang, jagalah diri, awak tu darah manis sekarang! Semut suka ok. Jangan nak main terjah je. X yah diet sangatlah kot. Nanti diet balik. Enjoy your life now. Habiskan sisa-sisa berseorangan ni betul-betul. Nanti dah berdua asyik nak berkepit je. Hahaha. 

Buat Zhaf, erm jaga diri and Anis. Tapi nanti lepas kahwin baru jaga betul-betul. Sekarang ni jaga hati Anis dulu. Itu yang penting. Aicewah! 

To both of you, jagalah hati. Masa bertunang ni banyak dugaan. Kalau tiba-tiba nampak ada orang yang lagi best dari pasangan kita tu, tutup je mata sambil cakap 'COBAAN!'. Itu semua godaan syaitan. Be safe, be happy!

Ok layan gambar pulak.

The guys

Me, my kids and my roomie

The tunangan orang :'(

UTPians galfriend

Habis dah tudung seorang Ummi terkelepet

Nangis lagi. Aku emo betul. Hahahhaa

Ok, tu je. Bye!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aisha Damia | Membesar dengan Jayanya Part 1


Post kali ni just nak jadikan catatan milestone lil AD untuk dijadikan rujukan untuk diri sendiri dan adik-adik AD nanti. WOW! Hahahaha

Masa awal-awal AD lahir, masa dalam pantang, seorang Ummi sangatlah x reti nak handle. Dia dah umur sebulan baru Ummi beranikan diri nak bagi mandi. Sebelum tu? Memang Maktok aje yang handle *Peace yaw! Anak bongsu kata*

AD's first few days in this world

Memalam masa dalam pantang memang AD x tido straight. Kejap-kejap bangun lapar, kejap-kejap bangun mengamuk. Ummi xtau nak apa. Ummi mmg x pandai handle dia masa tu. Hari-hari pukul 4.30 pagi macam tu, lepas Maktok dah bangun memang Ummi pass je AD ke Maktok and Ummi sambung tidurrr. 

AD Cukur Rambut

AD cukur rambut masa sebulan. Dah sebulan baru nak cukur rambut. Sebabnya cari orang nak cukur kat Selangor tapi x ramai yang nak. Siap kalau nak cukurkan kena pergi fetch and hantarkan diorang tapi macam mana nak pergi ambik? Ummi kan tengah pantang. So decide nak cukur masa dah balik Penang.
Papa and AD yang dah botakhead. Licin! 

AD First Flight Adventure

AD first time naik flight masa umur dia 30++ hari. Balik from Penang ke KL. Papa g offshore masa tu. Sebelum Papa gi offshore Papa hantar AD, Ummi and Maktok balik Penang. Plannyer Papa nak balik Penang lepas balik dari offshore ambik Ummi, AD and Maktok balik. Tapi lepas 5 jam straight dalam kereta dalam keadaan Ummi yang xberapa nak gagah and AD yang masih kecik, we decided untuk balik KL naik flight jer. 

So, first time AD naik flight dengan Ummi and Maktok jer la. Papa pulak parking kereta kat KLIA2. Kononnya senanglah nanti nak balik rumah kakak kat BSP naik kereta x yah orang datang ambil. Sekali masa dah sampai KLIA2 tu, kereta boleh unlock tapi x ley start enjin. Ingatkan bateri problem. Sampai last-last Babayie and Ibu datang ambik kat airport sbb sampai sudah kereta x ley start. Lepas Papa balik baru dapat tau masalah dia ada chip dalam kunci kereta Ummi jatuh so xley start kereta. Papa balik, start kereta relax jer. Saje nak bagi kenangan untuk AD's first flight adventure.

AD First Pindah Rumah

Sebelum ni rumah kat Setapak. Start duduk masa bulan December 2014, AD 5 bulan dalam perut. Pantang pulak kat rumah Ibu at BSP. Sebelum duduk Setapak, Ummi and Papa duduk kat BSP dgn Ibu and Babayie la. Then masa tengah pantang, Papa kena pergi offshore then dok pikir la nanti kalau Papa asyik kena outstation Ummi and AD macam mana nak terkontang-kanting kat Setapak berdua jer. So last-last decide nak menyewa kat BSP dekat dgn rumah Ibu and Babayie senang nak mintak tolong apa-apa.

Jadi, masa AD umur 40 hari, dapat pindah rumah dekat jer dgn rumah Ibu and Babayie. Dekat sampai Papa selalu jer jalan kaki dari rumah ke rumah Ibu and Babayie. Belakang rumah pulak ada playground. Nanti AD besar sikit bolehlah pergi main kat situ. Hihi

Pindah barang memang Ummi cuci tangan. Papa dgn Maktok la yang banyak buat. Ummi kan tengah pantang. Hihi

AD First Meniarap

Masa umur AD dua bulan setengah Ummi start hantar nursery half day. Mula-mula memang xnak hantar sampai Ummi start belajar. Tapi ada budak merap Ummi sangat sampai Papa bagi susu dia sembur-sembur. Ummi dgn Papa pun decide hantar g nursery half day. Masa ambik AD first day tu Nenek bagitau AD dah pandai meniarap. Ummi dengan Papa terkejut betul. Balik-balik tu AD dok tunjuk skill lagi nak meniarap. Ummi sangat kagum sampai menitis air mata wanita. Kejap je dah besar sayang Ummi ni

Sekarang dah terer sangatlah meniarap. Siap dah buat helicopter pusing-pusing mencapai barang

AD Sekarang (4 bulan 1/2)

Alhamdulillah sekarang AD 4 bulan setengah. Sekarang dok angkat kaki straight and tonggek-tonggek nak merangkak. Semalam Ummi acah-acah AD, tetiba dia reverse! *Insert emoticon terkejut Whatsapp*

Makin lama makin jauh dia reverse dari Ummi sambil gelak-gelak. Subhanallah! Kagum betul dengan skill dia. Ummi x ajar pun. Its all skill from Allah!

AD dah boleh duduk diam-diam main toys, grab and shake rattles sorang-sorang. 

Sebelah tangan peluk Lion, sebelah lagi goncang-goncang rattles

Dah x nangis memalam. Tido straight je 4 5 jam kalau dah minum kenyang awal tu. Ummi boleh handle sorang-sorang dah and the best part is Papa pun boleh handle AD dah! :D Ummi so happy! AD is also so happy! Asyik gelak mengekek je kalau kena agah tu. Ummi rasa nak gigit je pipi chubby tu.

My cheeky girl <3 p="">
Kalau gelak sampai nak gusi tu kira happy habislah. Cukup makan, cukup tidur.

Cubaan untuk clap hands

Alhamdulillah. Lepas ni bolehlah Ummi pergi spa and saloon balik *Note to Papa ya*

Papa anak bonding time

Oh Papa pun ada milestone. Sekarang ni Papa suke masak! Hari-hari Papa masakkan bekal breakfast untuk Ummi and Papa. Ummi so happy x payah turun makan kat kafe. Boleh jimat duit. Harini menu Nasi Goreng Kasih Sayang. Ummi sayang nak habiskan sebabnya nanti habis pulak Kasih Sayang tu. Kihkihkih

That's all for today! Next week Ummi officially a Master student. Buat research sambil ada 2 courses Ummi ambil sebab from Engineering Ummi switching to IT student. So, kenalah belajar lebih sikit. Sesapa yang ada ilmu lebih in IT specifally Multimedia, specific lagi MATLAB, meh la ajar Ummi sedikit sebanyak yer. Saya budak baru belajar *Wink3*

Gambar raya family. Hii


Ok, till then~

Notakaki : Maaflah ambil gambar dari Instagram je. Ummi malas nak connect phone ke laptop. Haha

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Johor Bahru Ad-hoc Trip

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Just got back from Johor Bahru this morning and here I am in the lab studying. Last Friday, Mr.K went to JB for a day trip and get to know that he need to go to JB again on Sunday afternoon as the project he's working on is having a test on Monday morning. After bolak-balik and a lot of questioning, pro and cons calculation, we decided that we'll all go to JB with him. Hihi

Budak gembira pergi jalan-jalan :)

Sunday afternoon we bertolak from Bandar Seri Putra and reached JB around 5pm. Checked into the hotel and settle down. Decide to keluar jalan-jalan after Maghrib. Dah ada anak kecil, kena jaga la time Maghrib cannot be outside and so on. Lesson learnt the hard way! Hahaha

Time nak pergi dinner

After Maghrib, Mr.K cakap nak bawak makan at Danga Bay. Sampai-sampai nampak Marina Club macam x sesuaiiii jer. Jalan-jalan nampak Restoran Singgah Selalu and decide to eat there. Was preparing our mind yang nanti makan will be surrounded with asap rokok and so on. Sekali Alhamdulillah ada indoor table yang siap berair-cond. Little Damia tidur dari lepas order sampai nak balik lepas makan. Puas Ummi and Papa makan sedap-sedap!

For dinner we had tomyam campur, butter prawn (Subhanallah sedapnyaaa!), kailan ikan masin, daging black pepper (ni pun sedap and pedasss!). Siap dessert ABC and banana split ok! Hahaha

Lepas makan, nampak Istana Bukit Serene. We stopped by and take pictures there! Nice sangat! Love the crown-shaped pintu gerbang and ada guards ala-ala at Buckingham Palace ok! 

The crown!

Happy family. Damia, kenapa terkejut?! Haha

With the guard

The next morning Mr.K went to work in Pasir Gudang and me and my little angel go had breakfast for one at the hotel. Mula-mula tawakkal xnak pergi makan nak beli roti jer kekonon sebab takut xleh handle dia sorang-sorang dengan nak makannyer kan. But the tengok she's sleeping elok je terus zasss letak dia dalam stroller turun makan. Alhamdulillah she slept sampai balik bilik :D Tapi xde la nak ulang-ulang ambil makanan banyak-banyak kali. Ambil sekali then makan diam-diam je la. Hahaha. Itu pun ambil makanan sebelah tolak stroller sebelah. Gigih betul seorang Ummi ni.

Papa is serious!

Sleeping Damia teman Ummi makan

After that mulalah aktiviti nak buat coding sambil menjaga anak. Time dia ok, bukaklah Matlab la ape. Baru je nak start dia dah bising ngantuk nak tidur. Lepas bagi dia tidur nak wat research sekali tgk the laptop x dapat connect dengan wifi hotel. Dah satu hal call IT for help and so on. Sekali yg datang was the receptionist sebab IT sibuk. After awhile baru IT nak sampai. Sebelum IT sampai si budak kecik tu dah bangun. Wassalam je la research Ummi pada hari itu. Hahahaha

Budak pantang nampak Ummi

My lunch. Mee mamak RM5 at the hotel. Weee~

Malam tu Mr.K ajak g makan kat Singgah Selalu lagi sebab banyak lagi benda nak makan. So dinner was Sirloin steak (OMG menjilat jari hokey) and Mr.K had Mi Singgah Selalu. Then mulalah merepek ambik fruit salad, squid goreng macam uncle bob dengan takoyaki. Hahahaha

After dinner, Mr.K bawak for a drive and I love this view!

This morning pukul 7 lebih dah checkout balik BSP. Sampai lab around noon. Rasa sangatlah efficient ya. 

Senyum bila dah sampai pagi tadi. Senyum comel-comel pun kena go school ok sayang

OK. Till then. Daa~

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aisha Damia | Complication after Delivery

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Happy Ramadhan Kareem!!

Wow it took me a month to continue the delivery story. Hahaa. Been extremely busy handling a baby on my own during the day. Lucky me that Mr.K really help at night from when he came back from work till lil AD sleeps.

Ok, so let's continue with the complication part. Hihi

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 14 April 2015 | 6.00am

The doctor has done with the stitching, my baby was at the nursery as they clean her up and so on (Don't really remember anything). I could feel pain at my back (bottom) right-side when I lie down. It was so hard for me to lie down on my back or even on my side. I thought it was normal to feel the pain after delivery.

My mother-in-law & father-in-law was on the way from Ipoh and my mother took flight Pen-Subang at 8.00am and estimated to arrive around 9.00am. So, it was just in-pain-me and don't-know-anything-about-babies-Mr.K. Hahaha. What I know is Mr.K had been to the nursery to see our little baby, azankan her and take her picture (I guess. Everything is still kind of blur).

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 8.00am

My in-laws has arrived. I kind of dizzy, tired and nervous handling the baby. Not to mention the nurses keep on coming to ask me to breastfeed the baby. The pain keep getting stronger and stronger. I started to talk gibberish and Mr.K said I keep on calling the nurses asking for pain killer. I don't remember at all what I said, what I do or whatever happened. Malu sebenarnye dah la dengan family mertua dok ada and I lost control. Haha

At 9.00am my mother arrived. My mother sort of cried because she didn't arrived earlier. Hihi. Anak bongsu kannn. Of course la mengada lebih. Then my mom kind of questioned why I still in pain. She said normally people don't feel pain anymore.

Then, bermulalah peristiwa sakit gila kalah contraction and the nurses keep on coming and checking the stitches and keep saying "X de apa-apa. X bengkak pun jahitan tu". Memang rasa nak maki hamun. They gave me painkiller pill and that didn't do any good. My mom keep on going to the nurse station asking them to call my doctor but they said she is in the OT and cannot reach her. My mom ask them to just call her and ask for morphine but they said because I already took morphine the night before, I cannot receive anymore morphine as it will cause double dose. Mr.K told me that I shouted "JUST GIVE ME DOUBLE DOSE THEN!" which I don't remember at all. Hahaha. Faham x malu nak menyorok bawah meja tu apa?

End up they gave me morphine but at that point of time morphine don't do any good. I still feel the pain until at one point when my mom put her hand on my lap and I push her hand away because it feels so hurt as if someone is pushing me hard (x sengaja and sangat menyesal bila ingat) 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 12.00pm

Finally the doctor came to the ward after her operation. She checks me and say I need to be taken to the OT immediately and an operation need to be done. She suspected that I got blood clot (Hematoma) in the vaginal wall caused by salur darah pecah. The doctor claimed that the baby's head was big and force during the push time cause the blood vessel to pecah. 

KPJ Tawakkal, Operation Theater | 14 April 2015 | 1.30pm

So, here I go into the OT and feeling like Grey Anatomy sikit. Haha. Mr.K pulak need to face something I never imagine how I would be if I'm in that situation. Dengan kena sign form, dengan resah-gelisah tunggu kat luar OT. I love him more after that. On the way into the OT, I keep on telling him to take care of lil AD which I don't remember at all. Maybe its true la after u have a baby, she'll be our main priority. Hahaha gila drama kan? 

Masuk-masuk OT, orang angkat tukar katil and anaesthetic doctor came and brief me telling that I'll be getting a half-body spine bius. Lepas dapat tu memang x dapat gerak, x dapat rasa apa. All I know is that I lie down there and feeling lalok after double dose of morphine and a spine bius. Hahaha. Throughout the operation, my blood pressure readings are taken every one or two minutes. At one point suddenly I felt that the doctor is doing something to my right hand. He was actually installing drip to my right hand (there is already drip on my left hand) because my blood pressure is getting too low and the drip is needed to increase my blood pressure. 

I can vaguely hear the sound of vacuum and the voice of my doctor asking for more lighting and so on (sangat samar-samar and I keep on dozed off during the operation). Alhamdulillah the operation went well and I was pushed outside the OT to the waiting area before I was released to my room. 

It took me almost another hour in the waiting area because my blood pressure is too low and the doctor is monitoring it and I can only able to go back to the room once the reading is above 100. While waiting at the waiting area, I told the nurses that I felt cold and they provide me thermal blanket. I can see other patients fighting between life and death there and it got me so scared about how my death would be later on. 

At that point of time, I keep on asking the nurses when I can get back to the ward as I was so missing my little baby whom they put at the nursery while I was in the OT. I haven't able to see her face properly. Haven't hold her hand and thanked her for being safe, perfect and healthy. 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 3.00pm

Finally my blood pressure reaches 100 and I was able to go back to the room. Sampai-sampai I can see my sister was already there. She took half day off and take flight come and back on that same evening. Haha gila betui.

Mr.K told me that while he was waiting outside the OT, he spoke with the doctor. She told him that there was more than 300 blood clot sucked out of me and she had already stitches my blood vessel. Lulz! Scary.

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | Night Time

That night, I received a lot of visitors but I don't remember anything I said to them or what they said to me. I must mumbled a lot! Hahahaha malu lagi. The effect of bius makes me kinda blur and I cannot eat. I need to start with drinking plain water and see if I throw up followed by Milo then only I can eat plain porridge. 

Nak dijadikan cerita, by the time I'm able to eat porridge, my food had already taken back to the canteen and I was not provided with any food that night. Mr.K had to walk from KPJ Tawakkal to McD nearby to buy me porridge. Rubbish service with the canteen. I really pissed off as I was really hungry and no food was provided! 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 15 April 2015

Alhamdulillah after more than a day lying in bed, I'm able to stand up with help from my mom and nurses and finally can take a bath! Hahaha. After 2 days giving birth only I feel better and started to walk around in the ward. My doctor came visit and she saw me standing up and walking around she said "Haaa dah sihat dah awak. Risau betul saya" relievely. Hahaha

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 16 April 2015

On Thursday I was discharged and off we go home for pantang at my sister's house in Bandar Seri Putra :) 

So, that was my delivery and complication after delivery story. Bare in mind, different people got different experience. The most important thing is stay positive. Stop thinking negative such as all the complications or problems that might happen. Its like law of attraction when you think of something negative, that will happen to you. 

At first when I conceived I avoid going to An-Nur Hospital in Bangi because they got no blood bank so in case of complications they cannot provide blood. Then, I started to read all other people's delivery experience and all the complications they encountered. I keep on praying that I go through easy delivery and the baby is healthy and perfect. Subhanallah my delivery was easy and my baby is healthy and perfect but then I had complication. Allah tested me to be a better slave to Him and I'm happy that I was chosen to go through all this pain. I believe Allah only test people who can go through the challenge and this make me believe that I'm strong! 

After bersalin, for few weeks me and Mr.K keep on saying one is also enough or we might wait another 6 to 7 years for another baby as Mr.K was actually the one who remember and see whatever the doctor did to me. He keep on saying how scary it was while the doctor stitches me and so on. Hahaha. But if you ask me now, I would say, I want more babies! Lupa diri haritu sakit macam mana kan. Hahahaha. I hope Allah gives me the opportunity to have more babies with real normal delivery. Nak jugak after few hours of delivery relax je cantik-cantik mcm Kate Middleton kann. Hahahaha

So, doakan urusan sebagai ibu dimudahkan. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aisha Damia | Delivery Story

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah it has been a month since my delivery to the beautiful angel, Aisha Damia binti Mohamad Khairul Azwan. So, let's start, shall we?

Home | Before 13 April 2015

Already started to feel false contraction for a week. Never time the contraction before. Previous check-up Dr. Siti, my gynae confirm that cervix opening is only 1cm. Enjoyed leisure time at home, cleaning, eating, watching a lot of delivery stories & praying for a smooth delivery.

Home | 13 April 2015 | Afternoon till 9pm

Started to feel regular contraction but still can endure. Time contraction to 1 contraction every 20-30 mins. Continue to do squats & relax in bed. After Mr.K came back from the office, he asked whether wanna go to the hospital or not, I said, I can still tahan the pain. 

After Isya' prayer, Mr.K said, 'Ok, its enough. Jom pergi hospital. If u r not warded, let's just check the baby'. 

 KPJ Tawakkal, CTG Room | 13 April 2015 | 10pm

Done CTG for half an hour. Shows regular and strong contraction (still can tahan), cervix opening still 1cm. Dr. Siti asked to be warded in labour room for the night. Asked the midwife, normally my kind of case how long would it take? She said normally until tomorrow afternoon. If no progress then I might be induced. Memang x mau la sebab nak rasa sendiri macam mana sakit tu datang. Aicewahhh. Mr. K pulak suka hati go buy Mamee Chef tomyam to eat while waiting in the labour room.

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 13 April 2015 | 11pm

Midwife asked me
Midwife : Nak morphine x? Bagi kurang sakit so that boleh tidur malam ni. 
Me : *expecting I would be there for a long time and I didn't take nap in the afternoon* Nak!
Midwife : Tapi morphine ni kesan dia ikut orang. Kadang-kadang, after ambik patient hilang sakit and boleh tidur tapi ade orang contraction makin cepat sbb muscle relax.
Me : Okay! *gelak-gelak thinking its funny. Haha. I just wanna sleep!*

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 14 April 2015 | 2 to 3 am

I still cannot sleep. Contraction keep getting stronger and more frequent! I was thinking that the midwife lied to me. No morphine was injected only plain water! Hahahaha. End up, Mr. K called the midwife. She checked the CTG graph and said, 'Cantik graph. Contraction every 1 minute. Kalau macam ni x payah induce la.' and Cervix opening was 5cm.

Masa tu Mr. K dah hangin satu badan sebab she keep on puji graph cantik. Orang sakit ni, xde ke nak urut ke bagi ubat ke. Hahaha. Dah tu asyik dok sakit je last-last diorang offer laughing gas. Seronok sedut laughing gas. High je. Hahahaha

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 14 April 2015 | 4am

RASA NAK MENERAN! Hahahahaha. Midwife come check, I'm fully dilated and ready to push! The only think stopping me from pushing is my water still haven't broke and my gynae was not there yet! They expect me to delivery the next day! So I need to tahan until the doctor to come and break my water then only, I can push! 

Rasa nak sepak muka orang je bila rasa nak push tapi x boleh push! Hahaha. After 20 mins the doc came and she break my water and calmly said 'ok, bila rasa nak teran, teranla'. She is really cool that way. 

Then, the pushing part take place. 

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 14 April 2015 | 4.40am

Push, push and pushhhh keluarlah seorang Aisha Damia ke dunia. Perasaan masa the doc put her on  my chest was erm erm legaaaa. I was actually still lalok from the laughing gas effect. Sempat sayang dia sekali dua then, the nurses ambik to clean her up. Mr. K pulak dok buat lawak 'mcm mana nak pegang baby karang b nak azan ni?' Hahaha. 

Masa doc tengah jahit pulak, xrasa apa pun but then tiba-tiba doc said, 'alamak ada darah lagi ni' and she start to suck or I dunno what. Then, the doc ask me to take the laughing gas as it takes time to suck the blood and continue jahit. Mr. K left to azan the baby and I'm no longer sedar what happen after that. Haha!

But Alhamdulillah, mudah sangat rasa bersalin. Kejap je bukaan from 1cm to fully dilated. Nurse and doctor pakat dok tanya makan apa sampai cepat sangat. Kalau macam ni, I sanggup nak beranak sepuluh! Hahahaha. But that's not all. The hardest part hasn't come yet. Tungguuuuu. Hahaha

The story continues to part 2~

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick Update. Work, Pregnancy and Life!


Assalamualaikum :)

Setelah lama menghilang, kini Mastura kembali lagi. Hahaha. Well, quick update of my life! *previous post cerita about I'm being an RA at UKM kan?*

Been an RA at UKM for only a month++. Resigned and decided not to continue my master for the time being (at that particular moment) as I got offered to be Electrical Engineer at Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd (a consulting company). Was actually looking forward to be working as a consultant because people keep saying working as a consultant is luxurious, will be able to travel a lot and have a lot of money (super duper yay!!). 

Started working at Ranhill in August. Life was okay although I need to travel from Bandar Seri Putra to Jalan Tun Razak everyday and my husband was sent to Labuan for two months. Journey everyday started at 6.30am, reached office around 8.00am, work until 5.30pm and reached home around 7.30pm. Everything was okay, work was fine and I learnt a lot (Bare in mind, I took Electrical and Electronics Engineering not Electrical Power Engineering!)

After 2 weeks of work, I realised that I haven't had my period. After tested, it was confirmed that I was 6 weeks pregnant! Alhamdulillah! :D The sad part of it was I went to the clinic to confirm my condition alone! Mr.K was in Labuan and my sister was not in KL at that moment. After confirming that I was pregnant, Mr.K called and ask "Betul ke pregnant?", all I can answer was "Aah, ade la baby dalam perut". Hahahaha. I was upset actually being alone doing all this.

So, I continue my driving routine for 2 months before Mr.K come back and take the driver duty. 

Then, we decided to move to Setapak. We rented a small house so that I don't have to travel long and can choose a hospital in KL to deliver our baby. We had fun living just the two of us (first and last time) knowing that that was the only moment we'll be having for just the two of us. 

On, 14 April 2015, my baby girl is born! :D Alhamdulillah. My pregnancy was easy. No alah, no extreme cravings so on. Ade laa dugaan here and there, worst nightmare came to life and some fights with Mr.K. Hahaha.

My delivery story will be up next! Wait for it (Hahaha poyo).

Till then, xoxo!