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Aisha Damia | Complication after Delivery

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Happy Ramadhan Kareem!!

Wow it took me a month to continue the delivery story. Hahaa. Been extremely busy handling a baby on my own during the day. Lucky me that Mr.K really help at night from when he came back from work till lil AD sleeps.

Ok, so let's continue with the complication part. Hihi

KPJ Tawakkal, Labour Room | 14 April 2015 | 6.00am

The doctor has done with the stitching, my baby was at the nursery as they clean her up and so on (Don't really remember anything). I could feel pain at my back (bottom) right-side when I lie down. It was so hard for me to lie down on my back or even on my side. I thought it was normal to feel the pain after delivery.

My mother-in-law & father-in-law was on the way from Ipoh and my mother took flight Pen-Subang at 8.00am and estimated to arrive around 9.00am. So, it was just in-pain-me and don't-know-anything-about-babies-Mr.K. Hahaha. What I know is Mr.K had been to the nursery to see our little baby, azankan her and take her picture (I guess. Everything is still kind of blur).

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 8.00am

My in-laws has arrived. I kind of dizzy, tired and nervous handling the baby. Not to mention the nurses keep on coming to ask me to breastfeed the baby. The pain keep getting stronger and stronger. I started to talk gibberish and Mr.K said I keep on calling the nurses asking for pain killer. I don't remember at all what I said, what I do or whatever happened. Malu sebenarnye dah la dengan family mertua dok ada and I lost control. Haha

At 9.00am my mother arrived. My mother sort of cried because she didn't arrived earlier. Hihi. Anak bongsu kannn. Of course la mengada lebih. Then my mom kind of questioned why I still in pain. She said normally people don't feel pain anymore.

Then, bermulalah peristiwa sakit gila kalah contraction and the nurses keep on coming and checking the stitches and keep saying "X de apa-apa. X bengkak pun jahitan tu". Memang rasa nak maki hamun. They gave me painkiller pill and that didn't do any good. My mom keep on going to the nurse station asking them to call my doctor but they said she is in the OT and cannot reach her. My mom ask them to just call her and ask for morphine but they said because I already took morphine the night before, I cannot receive anymore morphine as it will cause double dose. Mr.K told me that I shouted "JUST GIVE ME DOUBLE DOSE THEN!" which I don't remember at all. Hahaha. Faham x malu nak menyorok bawah meja tu apa?

End up they gave me morphine but at that point of time morphine don't do any good. I still feel the pain until at one point when my mom put her hand on my lap and I push her hand away because it feels so hurt as if someone is pushing me hard (x sengaja and sangat menyesal bila ingat) 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 12.00pm

Finally the doctor came to the ward after her operation. She checks me and say I need to be taken to the OT immediately and an operation need to be done. She suspected that I got blood clot (Hematoma) in the vaginal wall caused by salur darah pecah. The doctor claimed that the baby's head was big and force during the push time cause the blood vessel to pecah. 

KPJ Tawakkal, Operation Theater | 14 April 2015 | 1.30pm

So, here I go into the OT and feeling like Grey Anatomy sikit. Haha. Mr.K pulak need to face something I never imagine how I would be if I'm in that situation. Dengan kena sign form, dengan resah-gelisah tunggu kat luar OT. I love him more after that. On the way into the OT, I keep on telling him to take care of lil AD which I don't remember at all. Maybe its true la after u have a baby, she'll be our main priority. Hahaha gila drama kan? 

Masuk-masuk OT, orang angkat tukar katil and anaesthetic doctor came and brief me telling that I'll be getting a half-body spine bius. Lepas dapat tu memang x dapat gerak, x dapat rasa apa. All I know is that I lie down there and feeling lalok after double dose of morphine and a spine bius. Hahaha. Throughout the operation, my blood pressure readings are taken every one or two minutes. At one point suddenly I felt that the doctor is doing something to my right hand. He was actually installing drip to my right hand (there is already drip on my left hand) because my blood pressure is getting too low and the drip is needed to increase my blood pressure. 

I can vaguely hear the sound of vacuum and the voice of my doctor asking for more lighting and so on (sangat samar-samar and I keep on dozed off during the operation). Alhamdulillah the operation went well and I was pushed outside the OT to the waiting area before I was released to my room. 

It took me almost another hour in the waiting area because my blood pressure is too low and the doctor is monitoring it and I can only able to go back to the room once the reading is above 100. While waiting at the waiting area, I told the nurses that I felt cold and they provide me thermal blanket. I can see other patients fighting between life and death there and it got me so scared about how my death would be later on. 

At that point of time, I keep on asking the nurses when I can get back to the ward as I was so missing my little baby whom they put at the nursery while I was in the OT. I haven't able to see her face properly. Haven't hold her hand and thanked her for being safe, perfect and healthy. 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | 3.00pm

Finally my blood pressure reaches 100 and I was able to go back to the room. Sampai-sampai I can see my sister was already there. She took half day off and take flight come and back on that same evening. Haha gila betui.

Mr.K told me that while he was waiting outside the OT, he spoke with the doctor. She told him that there was more than 300 blood clot sucked out of me and she had already stitches my blood vessel. Lulz! Scary.

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 14 April 2015 | Night Time

That night, I received a lot of visitors but I don't remember anything I said to them or what they said to me. I must mumbled a lot! Hahahaha malu lagi. The effect of bius makes me kinda blur and I cannot eat. I need to start with drinking plain water and see if I throw up followed by Milo then only I can eat plain porridge. 

Nak dijadikan cerita, by the time I'm able to eat porridge, my food had already taken back to the canteen and I was not provided with any food that night. Mr.K had to walk from KPJ Tawakkal to McD nearby to buy me porridge. Rubbish service with the canteen. I really pissed off as I was really hungry and no food was provided! 

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 15 April 2015

Alhamdulillah after more than a day lying in bed, I'm able to stand up with help from my mom and nurses and finally can take a bath! Hahaha. After 2 days giving birth only I feel better and started to walk around in the ward. My doctor came visit and she saw me standing up and walking around she said "Haaa dah sihat dah awak. Risau betul saya" relievely. Hahaha

KPJ Tawakkal, Maternity Ward | 16 April 2015

On Thursday I was discharged and off we go home for pantang at my sister's house in Bandar Seri Putra :) 

So, that was my delivery and complication after delivery story. Bare in mind, different people got different experience. The most important thing is stay positive. Stop thinking negative such as all the complications or problems that might happen. Its like law of attraction when you think of something negative, that will happen to you. 

At first when I conceived I avoid going to An-Nur Hospital in Bangi because they got no blood bank so in case of complications they cannot provide blood. Then, I started to read all other people's delivery experience and all the complications they encountered. I keep on praying that I go through easy delivery and the baby is healthy and perfect. Subhanallah my delivery was easy and my baby is healthy and perfect but then I had complication. Allah tested me to be a better slave to Him and I'm happy that I was chosen to go through all this pain. I believe Allah only test people who can go through the challenge and this make me believe that I'm strong! 

After bersalin, for few weeks me and Mr.K keep on saying one is also enough or we might wait another 6 to 7 years for another baby as Mr.K was actually the one who remember and see whatever the doctor did to me. He keep on saying how scary it was while the doctor stitches me and so on. Hahaha. But if you ask me now, I would say, I want more babies! Lupa diri haritu sakit macam mana kan. Hahahaha. I hope Allah gives me the opportunity to have more babies with real normal delivery. Nak jugak after few hours of delivery relax je cantik-cantik mcm Kate Middleton kann. Hahahaha

So, doakan urusan sebagai ibu dimudahkan. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

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