Monday, March 4, 2013

Back Massage & Eye Treatment at La Vie Beauty & Spa (Bayan Lepas)

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :D

Last Saturday afternoon, me & sis went to La Vie Beauty & Spa in Bayan Lepas to redeem Groupon Voucher! I bought just for fun as the price was cheap like crazy! 1.5 hrs Back Massage & Eye Treatment for 2 person at RM40? so, for 1 person, its RM20? hahaha gilaaa! memang excited to buy & go

bought the voucher in December & its expired date is 12th that time, I was like nvm, still got long time to go..tetiba nahhh dah masuk March kau! haaa..terus call make appointment sbb takut expired :P haha..

so, last Saturday we go there & have our massage..the location was really near our house..its at Sunway Tunas..xdan 5 minit pun dah sampai..1 traffic light je from my house (just wanna say how near it is..hehe)

sampai-sampai they asked us to fill-up some forms..about our skin type & so on..I asked them what for laa all this? they said, xnak isi pun, xyah isi laa kann..then, they asked us to go inside the room..they first session was back massage..sedap ooo! terlerai sudah urat-urat degil asyik bersimpul ini..haha..tapi the back massage was too short..xsempat enjoy tetiba dah end :( sob3..rupa-rupanya they focus on the eye treatment..

for the eye treatment, I thought they will just massage dengan alat urut tu jerr..rupanya siap ada 2 mesin lagi utk the first they put some milk moisturizer (not sure) & they vacuum my eye! haha..they remove all the dead cells..they removed 1 eye & then give me mirrow to see any difference or not? for me yg ada mata panda sikit ni memang la ada beza..hahaha..tapi yg x tahan tuuu..sepanjang dia dok wat eye treatment tu, dia dok bebel pasal kulit muka..what the? nak kena pukul? how dare u! hahaha

then, bila dah abeh remove the dead cells, they proceed with another machine..they put collagen at my eye & they use the machine..machine tu makin lama makin panas..lepas buat 1 eye, they ask me to see in the mirror again..dia cakap nampak cekang laa firm la pun ya ya aah laaa..haha

lepas setel tu, they put wet cotton on my eyes & put eye pillow (dia cakap warm padahal panas kot pillow tu!)..dia letak & ask me to sleep for 20 minutes..haha..I just krohhh krohh laa :P

then, wake up & go home!

but not all of that, they gave us voucher of RM50 each! tapi nak kena use for things valued more than RM150..haha clever..well, I don't think I'll use it..sapa mau? tell me :P

they told me that yg vacuum & collagen tu utk whole face pun ada..the price is RM186..gila expensive kan but she say wanna give 50% discount..hahaha..fine~ tengok la kalau rajin...then full back massage is RM68 which I find quite reasonable..

maybe back massage tu murah coz it dun use the expensive machines but the eye treatment & facial tu guna?MAYBE! hehe

so, anyway, that's my experience! thank you Groupon for the offer! ada masa I beli lagi ;)

oh btw, I bought slimming session (5 visits for RM120)...hahaha..tapi start minggu, let's see how kurus I can be (saja nak try..teringin nak kena wrap in Chili mud & masuk dalam machine..haha gatai)

till then! 

Assalamualaikum :)

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