Monday, March 25, 2013

My Super Ibu's Birthday

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :)

Lama x update blog..been to busy with workload & practising to be a good wife? hahahaha :P upss..ok, back to the topic..18th March 1955 was my super ibu's bornday :) Thank You, Allah for giving me a mother's love who I can't ever get a replacement elsewhere :) 

Tapi, birthday ibu was on Monday & I obviously never went out on my own on weekends so I can't prepare any decent present for her (Note that gaji masuk on 22nd haribulan every month ye :P haha), on the day before, we went to Queensbay & my sis gave my mom advance present, an iPad :D canggih mak ai tau :P so, I planned to buy iPad casing & screen protector (as x mampu nak beli iPad lagi :'( )

so, on that Monday, I ordered flower online & asked for delivery on that same day :) I order from Blue Flowers in Solok Kampung Jawa, Penang..the service was awesome..the owner happily called me to confirm my order & payment..I ordered Flower Basket with roses & carnation :) as I really love surprises but I don't have to properly plan, the flower will be the surprise :) I hope later on, I can plan more & more suprises for her! :D Ibu doakan adik cepat-cepat kaya ok? hehehe

Nice x the flowers? :D

and after that, mulalah cari iPad casing online..Alhamdulillah jumpa kat Groupon iPad casing + Screen Protector + Stylus Pen for reasonable price..tapi its postage time is quite late, so I tried to call the merchants selling the items..she said she can arrange for earlier delivery if I buy straight from I asked her if the price is different..she said its the same, so, why not? :) I bought it & done the payment..she said she'll send it by this week..hope that it'll arrive soon! :D can't wait ;)

ok, to my Ibu yang adik sangatlah sayang :) Happy Birthday to u..semoga Allah merahmati, meredhai dan bersama ibu di setiap saat, setiap langkah yang ibu sorry that u have a very stubborn & sometimes lazy daughter yg x nak dengar cakap, but truthfully deep down in my heart, I really love u more than anything :) adik sentiasa mendoakan ibu gembira all the time even if sometimes I cannot be with u all the happy, stay healthy & maintain awesome ok, Ibu? ADIK SAYANG IBU SANGAT-SANGAT! <3 p="">

That's all for now..

Assalamualaikum :)

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