Friday, March 29, 2013

Missing Student Life

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :)

I just ended my 26th Week of Industrial Internship today! :D still got another 2 weeks to go..yosh! Be strong, Mastura! :D hihi

back to the main topic, sepanjang this internship, I've been missing UTP life so much! missing those friends who are being with me 24/7! doing things together, watching movies, studying, eating, sleeping, shopping everything lahhh! ohh miss them so much! Now, we only communicate using group Whatsapp but its not the same! oh rinduuu

then, I miss going to class, having quizzes & tests even final exams! -,- chronic kan?

seriously, I promise myself to study real hard for this last 2 semesters left of my degree life! I wanna score! I wanna be a student again! xnak keje dahhh..hahaha

Its not that I don't have fun working..its just something about manusia..we never had enough! bila jadi student teringin nak kerja dapat duit sendiri..bila dah kerja nak belajar balik..but its lumrah! and its true that people said, STUDENT LIFE IS MORE FUN THAN WORKING LIFE! 

so, tomorrow is weekend..let's enjoy! hehehe :P

x sabar-sabar nak kembali belajar ni..doakan masa berlalu dengan pantas! ameen~ :D hihi

That's all for now :D

P/S: comel x layout baru? hihi 

Assalamualaikum :)

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