Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Bad Wolf & Delicious with Childhood Friend :)

Bismillah :)
Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone!! :D

Hari ini, saya sangatlah gembira! sebabnya? hari ni, I took a half-day off (afternoon session) to go for a date with my bestie since Darjah 3 which is about 13 years back! :) there's a quote saying if we be friends for more than 7 years, we'll be friends forever right? insya-Allah, she'll be one of them ;)

Me feeling a little guilty about taking a half-day off to go shopping! :P

oh & this is Me & Her, the pretty lady :)

so, sharp at 12pm, I kalut-kalut pack all my things, my laptop & handbag and terus balik rumah! parked my car at home as I really don't like driving to Georgetown area (the traffic is terrible & I don't know the way! haha)..wait for Nadzirah to pick me up at home to go with her car ;)

balik-balik, I see this is happening to my home! mom hired some tukang to change our bumbung! coz of the bumbung bocor everytime hujan (rasa mcm duduk rumah atap zink laa)..

Bumbung xdakk..luckily they do work so fast & well-planned ;)

From the kitchen's fan view.. nampak sinaran mentari di situ :P

then, nearly 1pm, she came & we got to Penang Times Square to Big Bad Wolf! (its my first time to Penang Times Square..even, I don't know it exist!!) :D weee~

le Penang Times Square :D I'm here!!

masa dekat-dekat nak sampai tu, dah ckp dgn Nadz, nanti sampai, nak pergi toilet dulu tau! tapiiii bila sampai & see all the signage, terus lupa nak p toilet, straight masuk pergi Big Bad Wolf! :D the shopping area besar giler, sampai x tau laa nak tgk yang mana satu! :P hahaha..

This is MADNESS! boleh gilaa..haha

masuk-masuk terus shoot to Cookery Section (bajet-bajet nak kahwin, so kena ada buku masak-masak ni)..tapi bila tengok-tengok most of them are from Western, Non-Malay cooks which is good but bad in its own way :( most of the recipe uses wine, red wine, pork & so on..yes, we might change it to something else but malas la nak, give up the Cookery Area..

then proceed to the fiction, transport & banyak-banyak lagi section..masa masuk tu mcm berlagak x nak ambil kotak sbb kononnya nak beli ape laa sgt kan..sekali dah ambil Ensiklopedia for Mr.K la ape la..berat giler rasa mcm dukung Aariz dah! terus capai je kotak & fill everything in :P banyak jugak rupanya! luckily bawak duit x byk..if not, mmg more books laa!!

so, my hasil belian :D

Hasil tuaian hari ini = RM108 :D

Book for mommy :D upah kena tinggal..hihi
dapat-dapat je terus semangat nak beli pokok baru..hahaha

A wajib book for Hubby-to-be selain Al-Quran dan Sunnah :P hihi

For him he crazy about football :P

this one too :P I want him to play well in futsal & football just like CR! (macam la faham CR main)

this is his favourite too! CAR!

Novels for me..RM8 each :D

Enid Blyton collection! :D seronok sgt!

at 2.30pm nearly 3pm dah habis dah shopping buku! I thought, I'll take more time, but Alhamdulillah the time passes slowly :P so, we got time to go eat at Delicious in Straits Quay (its my first time going there yet I'm proud to be Penangites -,- )

Straits Quay :) its nice, exclusive & romantic :D

so, sampai-sampai dah 3pm something, solat & proceed to makan-makan! I was terribly hungry sbb x lunch! simpan perut for the teatime laa konon-konon, end up jadi late lunch! :P )

excited tangkap gambar scenery :P lawa ooo makan with sea view ;)

semangat nak makan! saya lapa sgt! :P

sibuk update instagram & whatsapp Mr.K..haha

when we are together, we are thinking about tasting every delicious food there! hahaha..really can't stop ourselves, we ordered 1 main course with 3 desserts!! hahaha..something, I'll never do with Mr.K (control ayu lahhh katakan)

the Main Course : Mama Meatball Bolognese Spagetti

Dessert 1 : Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova 
nyummiest I've ever taste!! every bite deserve a praisal! :D

Dessert 2 : Macademia Cheese Cake
yang ini, indah khabar dari rupa -,- dalam menu mcm sedap je..bil makan rasa biasa je :P

Dessert 3 : Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream 
Sedap! for me, better than Secret Recipe ;)

Happy Nadzirah in front of good food :D

I'm having a great time with the food too! yummy!

then, after makan-makan dekat buncit, we paid the bill & gi tangkap-tangkap kat luar tu..cantik sangat! very romantic place to go with Hubby later on..wahahaha..but for now, tadaaa~


KAMI <3 p="">

after that, we went to USM as ada jual-jual in front of the Masjid..after solat, jalan-jalan a lil bit (can't buy things as money dah habis & x withdraw lagi..luckily, if not mesti dah rembat tudung!)

Khemah jualan at Masjid USM :D

Masjid USM
dulu kecik-kecik, this is my kelas KAFA :)

at 6pm dah sampai rumahhh :D was so happy today! sangatlah berbaloi ambil half-day off!! :D had great time even spending too much money! hahaha..

so peeps, nighty night! wanna wake up shine & bright for tomorrow work! :P 

Assalamualaikum ;)

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