Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aisha Damia | 7 months young


Quick update of 7 months Aisha Damia. She started solid food at 6 months. Although I get to know that her daycare started to feed her nestum before she reached 6 months :( But xpela as long as she's healthy and growing up well. 

Started out with Apple Puree. She make sour face and start spitting so I stopped giving her apple. next, I tried giving her carrot puree. She eats it but she doesn't like it very much. Then, I tried to feed her blend plain porridge and SHE LOVES IT until she laughed and eat and smile at the same time. So anak melayu, melayulah jua ya. Hahahaha.

Then now, she started on oat. I bought rolled oat and blended it into fine powder. So, for breakfast and dinner its oat now. She likes it although its a terrible mess when its come to cleaning her face from the oat leftovers. Muahaha

She can combat crawling very well, She can sit but still need to tahan herself with one of her hand. She can stand on her own (holding to sides of fence or basket) weee. Alhamdulillah

She got her 2nd fever last week. It was viral fever. The symptoms was having high fever for 3 days then she start to have rashes started from her head to her legs. She became super clingy and easily cry (so unlike her). Ummi skipped study for a week to stay at home taking care of her. Cannot send her to the nursery because she might infect other kids at her age (6 to 12 months). She had recovered and Alhamdulillah her appetite is OK too now. 

Oh she went for her first bowling centre visit last weekend. We went to Ampang Superbowl Bangi Getaway which gonna be Papa's favourite lepak centre after this. Hihihi

That's all. Chow~

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