Sunday, March 6, 2011

FESCO 2011

last night @ UTP ada FESCO which stands for Festival of Colours of the World...ramai performers from outside Malaysia datang...1 team budakbudak international UTP, from Indonesia n Thailand pun ada...dalam Malaysia lak ada UniTEN, UTP, UMS n ape lg tah :P best jugak laa sebab x de laa bosan dalam CH (Chancellor Hall) pnuh smpai ke island atasatas...HEBAT! tema performance semalam is 1 Malaysia...

sebelum masuk, kita beli makanan dulu~hahaha

Ezzuni n Al-Afiq

kakak jual Roti Impit (Roti Sosej)

The Mask Dance

from Universitas of Gajah Mada

they are really good!! really fast movers and a good formation maker...i like it!!

International Team from UTP...nice!

Gamelan as selingan to the perfomance...they are good too :)

Male performance from Universitas Gajah Mada

UTP gimmick :)

UTP Team...

err...i dun remember where this is from =,=

all the participance...quite a number...the stage is full of them

dancing the song 1 Malaysia *i guess*


  1. terima kasih sbb dtg FESCO...btw group yg awak x tau dari mane 2, dorng adalah Petronas Peforming Arts Group (PPAG) =)

    kindly visit our page. TQ

  2. ooo ya2...heard the name tp lupa =,= sory2 :) thnx for visiting :D