Friday, March 25, 2011

Outdoor Carnival 2011 : Its Coming this Weekend!

hey hey hey Malaysia, Brunei! this is Mastura in da house!! (hahaha...bajet jadi pengacara jap! :P) juz wanna use a smaller scope...hey hey hey Perakians!! all UTPians, UiTM Seri Iskandar'ians' (is it correct?? hihi) and all those who live near here!! come to UTP this weekend n feel the excitement we are having!! all the outdoor activities all over Malaysia, we had brought here!! juz for u guys!! so, cammon n grab the chance!! with the cheap price n less petrol needed to travel here! u won't regret, cammon!! cammon!! cammon!!

here are some of the activities we will have here in UTP!
Venue : UTP Main Lake
Time : 9.00am to 7.00pm
Date : 25 March 2011 - 27 March 2011
what?? u can't see it clearly?? juz click at the picture to get a better view!! :D

Paintball Target Shooting! the price is as cheap as RM2 for 5 pallets!! extremely cheap!! anybody can Paintball now :D

u wanna see how fit u are?? now u can!! with 1 Malaysia Outdoor Challenge!! we challenge u to do all the Triathlon which is Running, Cycling and Kayaking...grab a partner, come n pay RM40 n u can be the winner of cash RM200 and hamper...besides, u can have a sight-seeing in UTP to places u never imagine u will be :) come! come! come!

want a fun n cheap activity?? we provide u kayaking with only RM2 as the fee! u can kayak at the UTP Main Lake n see the fish from a different sight u have ever thought u would :D this is so much fun!! I've tried it once and eager for more later on!! :)

have a die hard obsess in Remote Control Car?? finish thousands of RM to ur RC?? now u can show off to the others by participating Remote Control Car Challenge...we provide u RC Track n also make a competition for u to join in! grab ur RC and come fast!! 

wanna hav fun with ur loved ones?? try this Swan Boat and also Couple Boat....brought to u especially from Taman Tasik Taiping with affordable price!!! come!!! come!!! come!!!

we also have Fun Games that can be enjoyed by all the visitors no matter old, young nor children...anybody can try!! anybody can have fun!!

for those who love to shop, to eat, u won't regret if u come here!! we open several stalls just for u guys!! what kind of things u r looking for?? u can find it all here at UTP Main Lake...just come here!! it is open to all...

so, that's all from come n say hi to me :) 

oh n not to forget, i might be not updating this blog, as i will enjoy so much at the Outdoor Carnival, wait for me yeahhh! love u guys!! wassalam :D

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