Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loyal and Happy Friends

if u guys can see, on the right side of my blog, there's a part written 'Loyal n Happy Frens'...when I typed it b4 (which is about a year b4), I really mean to hav them as my loyal n happy frens forever in my life...but as u know, people change with time, so do her...but as I know, she is like that from b4 but I didn't know!! but yeahhh, she is NOT LOYAL n she told me lies...yaya, thnx "Fren"!!!, u live ur life, while I live mine!!!

p/s: I said 'She' so, there is only 1 person who I hope will only be her n praying nada of my friend will be like that!

-The End-

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