Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Real Life~

now, i'm back in UTP...wif heavy loads of works to do...mmg curi2 masa nk update blog sbb currently tgh usahakan one more blog, but not for me, but for Titian Budi 2011, an event I got in as committee of Promotion and Publication mmg nga promo abeh2...hahaha...anybody got tips of how to make a blog nampak sgt cantik, menarik hati plis komen...mmg nga buntu ngn background pn xjmpa lg nih =,= due date utk blog tu pn dis Wednesday...

besides, I've got a Technical Presentation to make...kalau x silap esok start, but I didn't do a thing yet!! tajuk pn xde lg weyhhh! =,= helpppp!! slide lg laa sepatah pn xde...adeiii~

tmbhan lg, this Friday, which is on my Ibu's birthday, I got 2 tests...Signal n Systems and also MicroProcessor....Help me,Allah to score all of theses task!! I wanna do my best!!

owhh almost forgot, My Mr.Ucip is sakit teruk...salah mkn kot...asyik ulang toilet....mmg sgt risau tgk dia mcm tu :( hmm...get well soon dear, jaga diri...I'm always here wif u :( ILY much!