Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Wednesday

Dear Wednesday, dun be so tough to me...from morning I felt so lazy to wake up but I still manage to go to class on time but but but, I wanna wash my clothes using the washing machine I still din got the chance till now! why?? i'm so tired of going down there n come upstairs again again waiting for the machine to be empty...I wanna wash it as I'm going back to Penang dis evening...please, give me the chance k??

Dear Wednesday, dun be so tough to me...I had a major stomachache when I'm in MicroP class until I had to leave the class but of course with my lecturer's permission...I can't hold the pain!I need to go to eat! once I ate, then, I'm fine again! thnx tummy :)

Dear Wednesday, please dun be so tough to me...I dun wanna hav problems wif my frens...those who already I hate, let them be...those who I love being their fren, please let them stay by my side n be my fren forever...

Dear Wednesday, dun be so tough to me...I'm going back to Penang by bus this evening n I hope I will not need to face bad experience wif the bus services at the Medan Gopeng...Totally sick of it!! I hope that my journey this evening will be smooth and blissful, Aminn~ :)

Dear Wednesday, please dun be so tough to me, as I will be facing the first test of CM this afternoon...I hope that I can answer all n score this test, Aminn~

so, dear Wednesday, listen to me, n dun be naughty! but actually all of above is Allah's power n what He gives me, I'll accept as Allah knows the best!thnx Allah :)

till meet againn guys...wish me luck for my test n for my journey later :D daa~

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