Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good & Bad of Traffic Jam

Bismillah, Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone ;)

Alhamdulillah its my 18th week of my internship..another 11 weeks to go ;) for this 18 weeks traffic jam has officially makes me done a lot of thinking about working 8 to 5 daily..hahaha..seriously I don't mind going to work for long hours but what I hate the most is TRAFFIC JAM..well, that's my bad ;)

for the first couple of weeks, I spent my time in the car listening to Hot FM daily! then, I think to myself..what do I got from listening to radio? knowledge? NOT I get pahala? I DON'T THINK I remember Allah? erm, NOPE..

then, I remembered my mom tell me about how Dr. Muhaya, a doctor who now become the motivator because whenever she stucks in traffic jam, she will listen to knowledgeable  cassette from motivators..from there, she add knowledge in term of Islam & motivation :) look at her now..she really live her life well & I am really impressed with women like her :) insya-Allah, I wanna be like her one day ;)

oh ok, then I set my mind..I downloaded Al-Mathurat by Ustaz Don apps in my handphone..every morning, before I start my journey, after reciting Doa Naik Kenderaan, I'll set the Al-Mathurat apps to continuously play..and after that I'll drive my car :) Alhamdulillah, after weeks mengamalkan the same routine, I now can memorize bit by bit of Al-Mathurat 30 segments of Surah & Dua..amazing how our brain can memorize when we keep listening to the same thing again & again :)

however, me too have my flaws..during driving back from work, I tend to listen to music as I think I am stressed enough from doing work everyday..I need to rethink & try to build my iman so that I can amalkan Al-Mathurat pagi & petang..insya-Allah :) yosh,MASTURA! you can do it :D

what I can see after I amalkan I amalkan Al-Mathurat in my car, things seems to be safe when I'm inside my car..first was when my family was in Korea, leaving me & ayah at morning before going to work, a baby kitty was under my car..I delayed my journey so that ayah can remove it from under the car..when I was reversing my car, suddenly my steering wheel feels so heavy that I cannot turn it the end, I parked back & drive my mom's car, the big Unser to work..I asked my Ayah to bring Wira to workshop & have a check..when I get home in the evening, Ayah said that I'm lucky enough that I didn't drive Wira to work..with traffic jam & loads of car, I might get involve in accident as the steering wheels end up cannot turn at all..Alhamdulillah, Allah save me & Allah sent the baby kitty to stop me from drive rushly to work :)

another incident, when I was out with my bestie after work..when I was going out from 1 junction, I didn't look at the left side of my car as it was traffic jam & I was focusing nak keluar fastly & to go into the 2nd lane instead of the most left friend dah siap menyorok sbb takut kena sbb memang dah dekat gilaaa but Alhamdulillah, again, Allah help me :) Thank you, Ya Rabb! you are THE BEST! ya Alim, ya Jabbar :) 

masa on the way to work or going back from work, memang je laa potensi untuk calar-balar Wira tu but Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Allah save me :) thank you, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim :) keranaMu sehari-harian ku selamat..

daripada we hate traffic jam, maybe we can just look at what we can do masa jam tuu ;) things that will bring benefits to us..not only in Dunia but also for our preparation utk kehidupan abadi di alam ghaib nanti :) insya-Allah

so, that's all for now ;) see u next time! semoga setiap langkah dan setiap saat kita bersama redha Allah..ameen~ 

till then, Assalamualaikum

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