Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why I Blog?? n My Dear Frens

everybody got their own reasons why they blog...dunno bout them but for me, I blog bcoz I wanna write bout what happened everyday or simple things that makes me happy or sad or angry....real truth is I easily forget things..if a person tell me sumthing I will response and giv support but after a week or 2, I will forget about it..that's y my frens always tell me their probs n I can consult them n easily forget about it then...haha...

to all my frens out there, I'm sorry if i didn't greet u if I meet u, bcoz I dun remember faces but I do remember things that I do....if u meet me, tell me what we did together n insya-Allah I will remember u :)

dear frens, if I didn't response to ur messages, I'm trully really for now, I hav 3 handphones to take care of...usually, I uses my Digi phone as it is free btwn me n my guy...the other 2 phones is Upax n Celcom Line number...Upax number is used btwn me n frens n sumthimes i forgot to topup, sesapa yg xdpt mesej blek tu mksdnye nga xde kedit ler tu...hehe...n last, no Celcom Line tu ngn family....yg 5+1 jimat :) ngee~

so, kwn2 skola sume, jgn marah ey kalau x reply...tmbh2 skang ni, ngn sebok belaja, sebok event n sebok dgn kwn2 kt sini...mmg laa nmpk FB, Gtalk tu on9 je memanjang tp sbnarnya bukak tp x tgk pn...nga wt kje laa tu....laptop lak mmg laa terpasang je...kalau mata ni dh celik, mmg masa g kelas n g meeting laaa...mmg bz sgt...nnt masa nga cuti, korg mesej laa...kta balas 100 msj sejam pn bley :) haha~

so, that's all...nk proceed ngn keje2 len lg...thnx dear frens for being wif me all the time...trully missing kwn2 skola...rindu sgt...cpt2 laa wat reunion wey...


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