Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tired of Thinking

Assalamualaikum n Hi :)

today, we still got a week n 6 days before our E-Day but still, the W-Day date is still not fixed! i dunno what else to do to make sure, we got the exact date before E-Day to avoid any argument during my cute E-Day..oh Allah, please help us :(

the reason is quite simple, it is because we need to Consider-All-Factor macam yg belajar masa Thinking Skills dulu tu..nak amek hari ni xboleh sebab adik-beradik xley balik, another tarikh x possible sebab nnt belah Mr.K nak buat bila? so, now, i dun wanna think about it anymore..i let it be on Mr.K shoulder and also orang-orang tua..yela, alih-alih kena dengar cakap diorang jugak, let's focus on my test tomorrow! ;)

oh btw, Alhamdulillah sangat-sangat sejak ambil decision ni, Mr.K makin mendekatkan diri dengan Allah..selalu solat dekat surau, kejut subuh, jemaah :) Alhamdulillah..betullah apa yang orang cakap, once the way is shown, Allah will always guide us step by step :) I am so really proud of him.. N one more thing, he really knows how to control his temper :) dia never ever get mad at me because of silly reasons..even when I am tengah panas baran habis pun (naik hantu) he still calm n remind me that what I am doing is totally wrong :D I thank Allah for giving such big heart for him ;) harap-harapnya benda ni kekal laa sampai bila-bila ye sayang? :D hehe

thanks so much to family yang x stop tolong in anyway they can...sponsor-sponsor jangan cakaplah kann..sian ibu need to handle rumah sorang-sorang sebab anak dara dia balik 3 days before E-Day..sabaq ja la -,- haha

thanks so much to friends with their non-stop brilliant ideas to make my E-Day cute as ever!! hehehe..can't wait to see how my E-Day will look like ;) 

thanks Allah, for opening both families heart to accept this..n also for guiding us to do this right thing..please lead us till Jannah :) Love Allah so much <3

akhirnya, pesan buat bakal imamku, jagalah hatimu dan hatiku, jagalah ibadahmu, jagalah nafsumu dan sentiasa berbalik kepada Allah for any advice u want :) insya-Allah, everything will be OK :) ameen~

Assalamualaikum n Good Luck for test 1 ;)

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