Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kata-kata semangat

Basically, ini hanyalah kata-kata semangat untuk diri aku sendiri...well, biasa laa kalau study Analogue, otak aku akan jadi a little bit pusing-pusing~

to score or not to score, it depends on me!! if i study, i can score...this is something i should tell myself not listen from others...others, u can say i am stupid or what so ever, but i know myself better than u guys, so, x masuk 1 sen pun apa yang korang cakap pasal aku, if n only if i decide to ignore it :P

i dun need to have MANY friends, but i really need to have REAL friends...friends who understand who i am n can accept me, for me myself...not to complain about me behind my back, telling the whole world about how i am n komplot reramai talk back bout me...well, again, x heran, x nak tau :P lalalala~

but most importantly, I AM ME, ALL THE TIME :D

to my friends, my family and orang-orang yang terdekat dengan diri ni, i just love u all so much...i dun want u all to be sad or tension on and on...
if u are sad about SOMEONE, think that it is a bad time...tapi, korang direct asyik sedih sebab orang yang sama n that person x take action apa-apa pun untuk bagi korang happy balik, just BLAH from that person! he/she x deserve u as his/her friends, gf/bf or what so is not u who does not deserve them, it is just U ARE WAY BETTER THAN THEM!
and if u are sad about SOMETHING, think that everything can be changed...its all depends on u and ur mindset :) if u wanna smile, u will create a smile, but if u wanna be sad always, u will end up in tears :) 
so, peeps, choose ur way...either to smile or to cry...

lastly, wish me luck for my test tomorrow :) currently, trying really hard to score and get back on track...will be going home on this weekend and reboot my body system :D

P/S: I kinda talking like I am highly motivated but actually, i am not that motivated...but thanks to my mom, my sis, my dearly friends and also Mr Ucip who always made my day :) i choose to be happy on my most tired day, so, now, i am smiling like i'm having no problems at all :)

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