Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Test 2nd Year 2nd Sem

today, ada test EMT which is the first test for this sem :( huwaaa...seriously, I know how to answer the questions but when I look at the marks for each question, I become nervous and start to think hard way of solving it...hahaha...what laa! 1 subtopic is 8 marks padahal the answer was only 2 or 3 ayat...adeyyy~ tertipu jugak dengan markah tu...last2 ada jugak yang mcm xtaw nak bubuh apa nak bg byk, main bubuh semua formula yang diingati..amek ko :P kakaka~

tomorrow and lusa still got tests..esok will be test on Probability and Statistics which Mr Ucip dah amek sem lepas and he insists for me to get an A for this subject...hahaha...ok, ok, I'll try really hard nak bagi dapat A ok? :P n lusa is gonna be test for Ananlogue II...how is it gonna be? only Allah knows how...the lecturer said he wants us to answer the questions sampai berpeluh-peluh...hahahaa...peluh sebab xtaw ke ape Dr? jangan laa buli kami, kami hanyalah insan lemah :( huhuhu...

but what I need to do now is, have a rest! :P dah berapa hari asyik x sihat...tido pakai koyok sebab sakit kepala ja...nampak sangat lama x belajar tetiba masa test sebok nak study kan? hahaha...kepala pun dah x tahan ngn awak nih taw...xpe2...tahan sikit ok? abeh test hari Khamis ni, kita balik rumah Jeliang jap...pastu Jumaat kita balik Penang sampai Ahad okie? hehe :) x sabar2 nak abeh test, rasa mcm nak abeh final exam pulak >.< 

so, pray for my luck :) n may Allah help us in every step we are taking :) Allah knows what the best for us, so just believe in Hime :) Good Luck to all :D

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