Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my experience throughout 1st year 1st sem

well, dis sem start a little different wit class every monday - thursday: from 8 am - 5 pm (mostly...act, its like bila ada masa yg ley wt class, all of dat lis hav class) so tight n soo soo letih...but, its my choice sbb nk bg free, accept je laa

sem nih amek 6 subject, which are:
1 - Differential Equations (fun but need thousands of exercises)
2 - Circuit Theory (class nyer best but lis couldn't score soo much :( but the labs are ok )
3 - Digital Electronics (my favourite..i just love it but da labs are horrible...sgt susah nk dpt output dat we wish for)
4 - Intro to Oil n Gas (xde exam which means 100% CW..1 word for it "BORING!!")
5 - Sturctured Programming (100% CW also...FUN n BEST :P)
6 - Academic Writing (we learnt how to make FYP report)
7 - lis took ko-Q, Sport Science (another BORING subject)

overall, my lecturers are THE BEST that i could wish for...all of them are very good in what they are teaching me...sem ni also, lis kurang ponteng klas...yey!! hahaha

final preparation was alhamdulillah lis only hav to take 4 papers...the CT paper was the last paper n i hav a gap of 11 days for, i can focus for the earlier paper n all 11 days only for the CT paper...

my tests results bkn lah yg the best compared ngn bebudak len but i'm not the lowest..however, i'm happy bcoz all of that was done all by myself....without copying others without ngintai2 org nyer :P

there was also 1 sad thing happen in da gap of 11 day b4 CT paper which is my MIL-to-be (insya-ALLAH) had been admitted to hospital...due to high BP n asthma attack...luckily laa his son was @ home that time n they hurried to the hospital @ 4 am in the morning...alhamdulillah her condition is alright now :)

there was also 1 time b4 CT paper all EE studs when 4 fmly day @ teluk was FUN FUN FUN!!! i drove my baby there n we had such fun there...gmbr2 xley nk upload sbb ada ngn mber..t je laa...after all, i already finished my 1 sem n 7 more sem to go...keep on the momentum all frens n i know we could be the best among the best...

P/S: really missing my frens now :'( making me staying up at night thinking what i will do if i am @ UTP now...ermm~ peace :)

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