Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a Short Entry

salam...juz wanna tulis sikit mlm ni
esok ada 3 benda penting
1 - Test Signal and Systems
2 - Lab Test Computational Method
3 - Presentation Professional Communication Skills
so, mmg sgt2 busy mlm ni n i can't waste even 1 minute! huhuu...for Signal's Test, i didn't study at all lagi coz i'm soo busy! Allah, help me tomorrow...please :( huhuu
next week is study week but 5 hari je...act, bkn next week sgt pn...start this sabtu but jumaat ada test lg..thanks a bunch lecturer n the person who susun the exam timetable...he gave me 3 papers in the first 2 days of exam...thanks! mmg saya boleh dpt 4 flat dgn jadual mcm tu !!!! arghh~so now, have to control myself...instead of pissing off, i need to study as much as i can!! so, Mastura, head up n run away with time!

readers, wish me luck :( i dunno how i wanna face this but i'll try real hard....

P/S: my mom coming this week but i dun think i can enjoy much! thnx to exam timetable...AGAIN!!!

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