Sunday, April 3, 2011

23 Months :)

Hai, Hai Allzz! today is 3rd April 2011, Alhamdulillah dah 23 bulan dah :D weee~ dah setahun 11 bulan dah si Mr. Ucip melekat dgn Miss Siti Mastura yang baik dan comel...hik3...

thnx dear, for stay by my side...

always looking at me in everything I do

walk with me to anywhere I want

do silly jokes for me to make me smile :)

buy me my favourite food

fight for me in anything

make me in love with  you everyday

watching out for what I'm doing n scold me if I did wrong :P

feed me when I'm hungry :D

play guitar for me everytime I ask :D

ask me to take care of u when u are sick :(

study hard for our brighter future


p/s: dun forget next month is my birthday :D hahahaha~nk hadiah besar2, banyak2 ok! :) hek3 :P


  1. amboi2 die..haha
    kekal selamanya ok!:)

  2. che pah - hehehe...sekali-sekala bagi org muntah hijau :P hehehe...thnx2...che pah pn sama :D

  3. mira - hahaha...comey part mana ni?? :P

    affuan - hihihi..mekasehh :D