Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harapan Sem Baru~

Salam semua :) currently still kat rumah....trying to enjoy every second i got before going back to UTP this Sunday! ok, i dun wanna be sad bout going back to UTP...UTP isn't is where i learn lots of new things especially things bout EE which i adore so much (b4 i went to UTP :P ) ...

hope for my new sem will be :

1 = dun wanna spend to much money on unnecessary things! please Mastura, stop buying new shawls or inner! stop stop stop! hahaha..i wish i can stop! i'll try but i dunno if i can make it :P

2 = never do last minute study! this one i really need to stop doing it! i need to study early! not the night b4 the test ok! :( juz trying to follow how Anis, my fren next door who always study when she got time! i think i need to stay with her to be like her :P hahaha...alasan! 

3 = wanna go to IRC on Wednesday evening n Friday evening...ok, ni harapan yg ditanam wif Mr Ucip...hahaha..dia beria-ia ajak...insya-Allah kami try to do it! bkn pegi dating naa kt situ but p study, ulang kaji :D

4 = balance my time management...studies, events, frens n Mr Ucip...i will steal sometimes to balik rumah on weekends! jgn nk halang! hahaha...keja x nak balik, aq balik jugak! kalau aq x balik, aq xley wat keje jugak kn? so, better bg aq blek ok? hehe :P

5 = my last hope will be not focusing on things that i should not focus! not to care bout things that i should not care...dun wanna elaborate... >.< 

so, everybody please pray that my hope will be completed n i will become a better person next sem! :)

P/S: got new hope bout my ibadah but i dun wanna post, dun say anything...ibadah to Allah is something we keep to ourselves not to share with other people :) Islam itu memudahkan dan mulia, jadi janganlah kita sebagai hamba Allah nak menyusahkan perkara yg telah Allah senangkan :) wassalam

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