Sunday, May 8, 2011

1 more day to go!

salam n hai allz :D

tomorrow will be the last day that i'll be spending time at the IRC to study :) day after tomorrow will be my Last paper for 2nd Year 1st Sem Final Exam! yihaaa~

but till now, i'm not sure nk blek umah directly after paper or esoknya tu...ikut hati nak balik lpas abeh paper tu je :P hehehe...x sabar2 nihhh!

tp xpela...mau fokus on exam dulu then think bout it :) go CM go! hidup CM...Come on! :P hahaha...

good luck to others yg x abeh paper lagi :) have fun studying! :P

P/S: Mr Ucip, 1st time my paper finish b4 u...da tinggai b! hahaha...padan muka!

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