Friday, August 30, 2013

Riang Ria Raya with Girlfriends

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone :)

Last Wednesday, me & these awesome people went for some extra, last raya celebration ;) first we went to Fie's Mama Angkat house in Bota. Alaa dekat je about 15 mins from UTP. We had our dinner & Maghrib prayer there. Then, balik tu, we singgah Chancellor Complex for some photoshoot sessions. Might as well be our last raya photoshoot together :'( 

But we also prepared cakes for Arash & Cheam's belated birthday celebration. Ok, memang sangat belated. It was last month. HAHA! But we just got the time to celebrate. So sorry for it! -,-" 

So, we had cakes, cameras, beloved friends & crazy time together. Rasa serba salah jugak dok main-main kat depan library while others are studying in there. Hehe. 

So, enjoy the photos below :)

P/S: Today is Mr.K's first paper :') Allah, I'm way too nervous! Don't know why. Oh Allah, please guide him! ♡ 

Assalamualaikum :)

The birthday girls ;)

My beloved roomie ♥

Tunang & wife orang :P

Muka happy macam mana kawan-kawan!

Muka bosan macam manaaa?

Muka cute pulakkk. HAHA

Me & ex-roomie ♡ 

Anis said my face looks like Aleesya's! Haha

Nerdy mode

Sampai tertidur dah dua2 orang ni ye? Alolo :P

Samseng Kampung Dusun :P

Princess ke Queen?

The Cakes. Yummy!

Menang lawan gusti. hehe

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