Thursday, October 24, 2013

EE Grand Dinner 2013

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone :)

Alhamdulillah, currently I am in my Week 5 of final year final semester. In this post I would like to show you guys (and my future self) our Last Grand Dinner for Undergraduates :'( oh sedih. Memang hati tisu je sekarang when everytime I do anything with my colleagues, I think that 'ok, this is the last time I get to do this with them' & I start tearing up -,-" being a girl is not easy ya. hahaha

The dinner was held at Symphony Suites in Ipoh near to Medan Gopeng. We got a spacious room at Level 10 with a balcony overlooking the hills. The view was nice, the room was huge that we can easily made 3 backdrops for the photoshoot. We got per head price for dinner + room + decorations for RM48 only. We are very satisfied with the service though the waiters starts to pack food before 10pm. However, after I spoke to the person in charge, the re-order to food for ur. They thought that we are finishing at 10pm -,-"

The dinner was on the 3rd week of semester as we are sure that approaching to the end of the semester, all of us will be super busy with FYPs, projects and other things to be settled. So, we did it earlier. Despite facing challenges with other classmates with last minute turn down even after we paid the deposit to the hotel, incoorperation and so on, Alhamdulillah, we held a very memorable, sweet & very joyful dinner :) 

We also invited 3 photographers (from different courses) so that we can enjoy the dinner & get all of our pictures captured (I was the photographer for EE Hi-Tea last year & I didn't get my pictures much). One of the photographer is my husband :D but he paid half of the dinner cost to back-up our dinner cost ;)

The best part of the dinner is when HOD of EE Department & his wife shows up and joined our dinner. He even gave speech and make quiz questions about guessing date of birth of him & his wife. He gave 'tissue' with money in it to the winner! 

Dr. Rosdiazli

Our lucky guy for the night receiving 'tissue' from Dr. Rosdi's wife

souvenirs for coming to our dinner :)

All of us with Dr. Rosdi & wife :) Thank you for coming, Dr.

And then, we had dinner. Delicious & cosy :D

fatty me. hahaa

While eating, we watched montage about things we had down together since foundation. We could see changes happen from the time we entered UTP until now :D After the montage presentation, performances were done by talented EEians :D Their spirit was Subhanallah, priceless :')

Duos by Had & Aaron

Solo by Syafiq

Trio by our Vietnamese friends, Long, Nhon & Chung. 

For this year around, we decided to give out awards for each and everyone in the class. I got the award of "Wife of the Year" :P The special part is, my husband was the one giving me the award as requested by my friends. Hehe

Last but not least, the photoshoot session :D

me & roomie <3 p="">

me & my baby :D

me & Mr.K :D

post-wedding? haha

my favourite picture of the day <3>

I think that's all. It was a wise decision to call photographers (mind the 's'). This and many more pictures was from them :) nice shots & more than 1000 pictures of it ;) kalau x panggil mana nak ada, derr. 

So thank to everyone who supported & helped throughtout the event. Insya-Allah, ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi even dah habis belajar nanti :')


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