Thursday, July 17, 2014

Misi Membuang Habuk


Assalamualaikum & Hi :D

Fuhh lamanya rasa x menulis kat blog. Last update was November 2013, when I was still a student. So, quick update of my life.

Graduated from UTP in January 2014. Alhamdulillah, my final semester result was the best result I have ever achieved in my study life :) Alhamdulillah rezeki Allah kurniakan :D

Then, I stay in Penang. Mr.K was recommended to work with Petronas. He worked at Borders in Queensbay first while waiting for placement. I was unemployed for 1 month and a half. I chose not to apply too many jobs and prefer to stay at home resting after my hard work. Hahahahaa. But then, i got the info that Fairchild Semiconductor is having a walk-in interview. So, my husband and I tried our luck there. Alhamdulillah I passed the first stage and called for second stage interview. Mr.K frankly told the interviewer that he is bonded with Petronas and waiting for the placement. The interviewer had no problem with that as he really liked Mr.K. But the HR are concerned that Mr.K won't be working long there so they didn't proceed him to the second stage (Kalau x, kerja 1 kilang with suami kot!). All in all, I passed my interviews (total of 3 stages) and on 3rd March 2014, I started working there as Test Engineer. A very nice experience, new knowledge obtained, made friends with awesome people and met talented engineers. I really love my job as a Test Engineer although I need to learn C++ and other new things. 

Mr.K got placement in KLCC. Alhamdulillah its KLCC and not Sarawak or Kerteh. So, we tried long-distance marriage for more than a month. Until one day, Mr.K's car kena pecah and he lost his bag and the items in it. He was so shocked and terrified and I felt terrible not to be with him. That very night, he asked me to quit my job and come stay with him in KL. The next day, I started to dig out information on how to resign and what are the company policies. I submit my resignation letter on 30th April 2014 and I give them 1 month notice (it should be 2 months notice but my boss was very kind and he asked for a month waiver for me). 

End of May, I move to KL. I stay at home doing nothing for more than a month and recently in Ramadhan (1st July) I started to be RA in UKM. I was actually juggling my decision whether to work or to continue Master. Then I met these 2 kind lecturers and they offered me to be RA for 2 months until my official registration as Master student in September. I took the offer thinking that I should at least give it a try. Now that I have tried it for 3 weeks I'm thinking that its quite boring to do master by research because I do not have friends here. I hardly talk to anyone while I'm at the lab and I feel bored. Hahaha. Lucky for me that my lecturers are so good. They give me a space in a lab and they even tidy up the place for me. They already requested PC for me and planning to give me a printer to ease my everyday research tasks.

Basically that's the update for now. I might me continuing my master or I might as well start looking for job again. Hahaha. I'm not sure which way I might turn now. But I believe, Allah placed me here for some reasons. If its not to make me have a master than He would want me to meet someone here. Right? Still, I'm waiting for the sign for me to decide. May Allah bless

That's it for now. 

Assalamualaikum :D

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