Friday, February 8, 2013

Team Building at Tropical Fruit Farm

Bismillah :)

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone! :D

For last quarter, QA Department had our Team Building at Tropical Fruit Farm at Balik Pulau..the journey was very challenging! naik bas ramai-ramai, then, lalu jalan bukit-bukit tu memang sangat WOW! geli perut, nervous semua ada..Alhamdulillah driver bas tu cekap & pantas :P dah la ada satu time tu, bas lalu jalan sempit (jambatan kecik) lepas tu berselisih dengan a car..tepi tu betul-betul is air terjun kauuu~menjerit semua org :P, pictures speaks a thousand words kan..enjoy~

upon departing ;)

this was the bus I naik with all other Reliability Team except for my supervisor..she naik another calm & peaceful bus..haha

the destionation place..ARRIVED!

how small the hill is ;)

this was the uncle explaining how yummy the fruits dia cerita how avocado can replace butterspread on bread..mcm sedap je kann :P

jalan-jalan at the farm while listening to the tour guide explaination :D

me, Fara & Chin Mon (Reliability Engineers)

Isabel (UTPian doing her internship at PLLC, a semester senior) with Saw (REL Manager), Me & Fara :D

Me & my supervisor, the awesome Rohaya Hassan :D

Fara, Kak Rohaya & me :D

Ni picture at tempat makan..Chin Mon, Akmal (Graduate Trainee with same supervisor with me) & Isabel

lepas makan buffet at the Farm :D yummy! basically, this is Reliability & FA awesome people! :D

the VTs in QA Dept..3 of them are UTPians, same batch as me :D

beautiful & handsome people in QA Dept  ;)

the orang besar-besar in QA :P

youngsters in QA :P

US again~ :D

All QA dept people :D

the GILA Isabel in the toilet kat tempat of the engineer went to the toilet balik tell us how 'nature' lover the toilet is..hahaha..AWESOME! (x sanggup g toilet!rela tahan)

me & Isabel on our jumping pose 'trial' :D

ME! (a happy girl..haha)

me & Isabel :D happy together woah! miss her laa..she already finish her, no geng nak gossiping & so on..haha

Team Building was FUN! :D (though balik tu hitam & penat)


all the pokok & buah-buahan available there :D

Pokok Naga at the farm

Last but not least, I present to u, the QA Team! :D

QA Team :D

so, that's all for now..had a lot of fun with them :D see u in the next team building for this quarter..yeay :D

Assalamualaikum :)

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