Thursday, April 18, 2013

End of Industrial Internship & Chicken Pox

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
Assalamualaikum & Hi :)

12 April 2013

awan pagi itu :') bersinar memancarkan meraikanku~ aicewahhh

My last day of was havoc considering how I need to return all PC Laptops, ID Badge & other company properties..

at Lunchtime, we had farewell party for me, Akmal (GT who's resigning), Pudin & Tan..the farewell was at Pizza Hut, Queensbay..we had nice lunch and returned to office..

from left : Me, Akmal, Pudin & Tan

Fara, Me & Kak Masyitah :)

Fara & me ;)

Lai & Tan :)

Akmal & Pudin

Reliability & FA Team yang awesome and made my internship wonderful :) thanks a lot guys :D

oh, before lunch, I passed around my wedding card & it was so funny to see how other Reliability Engineer reacted when they get those cards.. they thought it was farewell card..haha :P

after done returning all company properties, at 3pm, I went home..

things to be submitted back to the company ;)

of course after salam-salam with all other colleagues..sedih sgt sampai x mampu nak bercakap dgn supervisor :'( last-last takat salam terus rush pergi car park naik kereta...masa drive nak keluar Philips tu, memang berjujuran air mata wanitaku jatuh..hahaha..nasib baik dpt tahan sampai masuk dalam kereta! kalau idak, memanglahh malu sekali ok!!

Me & akak-akak BUMP Department yang x percaya it was my last day..haha

Me & Kak  Emy :)

after that pergi ambil final report yang dah dihantar utk dihardbound..sekali dia salah eja my name..suppose SITI MASTURA, dia suka-suka aje letak SITI MASTURI..ape, dah lama hidup?, he end up open back the hard bound and re-do..Alhamdulillah malam tu jugak siap :)

the uncle at the hardbound shop ;)

13 April 2013
Went to Ipoh..Singgah Taiping to meet my Chinese Aunty on my mom's side..her husband was ibu's schoolmate and now he's secretary of Taiping Orchids Organization..their house memang full of plants especially orchids! cantik sgt all the flowers..

Me with Aunty & Uncle at their garden :)

the awesome & large orchids..lawa sgt!

after jemput-jemput we went to Kampung Jeliang, Kuala Kangsar to meet my parents angkat masa Titian Budi event to jemput them to the kenduri..

Budak kecik at mama & abah's cute!

reached Ipoh in the late the evening Mr.K come & we had family dinner at Pizza Hut (yang lain semua dah penuh..dah la the service was terrible!! end up we didn't get 1 pizza that we waited for)..suppose that night we wanna buy jam & his ring for hantaran but as the Pizza Hut service yang too terrible and time-consuming, we can't do that :(

Budak Eesya yg asyik nak melekat dgn Mr.K je! terus xnak kat umi..cis ciss

My hero tengah lawan dgn my brother in law pasal Man U -,-

14 April 2013
Went to Sitiawan to meet my Indian Aunty from my mom's side (yeah, told u, my family is 1 Malaysia..haha)..jemput-jemput and layan political talk and then went to Lekir to meet ibu's friends..after that, patah balik to my sis's house and that late afternoon, Mr.K and his parents came and fetch me to go shopping barang hantaran :) hehe

we bought couple watch for hantaran and his mama belanja us as wedding gift :P thank you, Mama! :D then, we had early dinner at Oldtown at which I ate only fries sebab dah kenyang -,-"

Note for Mr.K yang selalu tinggai barang..hehe

Abah & Mr.K :)

Me and Mama :)

15 April 2013
Went to UTP to submit Final Report, Technical Report, pay the fees, went to apply house for next sem, take book voucher and meet my Internship supervisor who will be my FYP supervisor insya-Allah :) 

had Maggi Goreng Ameeth for breakfast :P yummy!

me in the early morning before going to UTP..weee~

Mr.K seriously driving to UTP

Teringin nak makan at Paprika..then, got this note :( poor them..

Mr.K dok bebel about dun spend money sesuka hati..haha

lepas tu went for lunch at KFC..then, after settle everything, went home to Penang :)

ada orang happy makan ayammm!

sampai-sampai je to Penang, tetiba baru perasan dah naik chickenpox penuh dah satu badan -,- first tu cuak nak nangis sbb tinggal berapa hari je lagi nak kahwin ni..dah la hantaran pun x siap Alhamdulillah at least I manage to complete my intern, settle all tasks at UTP..siap drive to and fro lg from Penang..Alhamdulillah :) syg Allah sgt! :D

my campak :(

so, now, recovering from my chicken pox and berharap tiada parut yg tinggal :') everything happen for a reason and this too has its hikmah insya-Allah :) TRUST HIM, the best planner of all :)

ok, so that's all for now :) 


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